I’ll begin with some suggested reading thoughts. The author wrote the Blackbirdsnovel a few years ago about Elliott Vance and his girlfriend. Ethan’s choice is about Elliott’s parents and a prequel to this story; otherwise, you won’t comprehend this version completely. Ethan Vance was Elliott’s father. Does that quick history explain my suggestion earlier? Good… Now, let’s get into the novel.

Lily Java gave me the most exquisite picture in my head of Ethan’s physical characteristics by the way she described this man. I had this perfect picture of Billy Dee Williams in his role as Louis McKay in “Lady Sings the Blues”. That’s who I saw as Ethan. In the first acknowledgments of his family’s tale, we learned the reasons why Ethan became the man unwilling to befall his perceived unsuited destiny. A closer look at Ethan’s choices was prudent at this juncture. By the end of the first few chapters, it was clear this man was not the average Joe. In fact, he was a sensible person, a good man, even with the torridness looming in his home. His father was Theo Vance, known for his activities in the streets and a few other things. Ethan’s estranged relationship with his father, who disconnected from his life, to say the least, add the uncle who wasn’t a blood relative, and the thickened plot looms large.

During his college years, Ethan met the young lady he believed to be the most beautiful sight for his sore eyes. Serena became his love interest and his obsession. Once they bonded together and began their relationship, I knew it was too good to be true. They had a connection and chemistry which transmitted efficiently to broaden into a loving and compassionate rapport. Would they eventually suffer because of this bond, and would it last?  Ethan’s alternative plans validated my worries, by the time the part one ended, his father’s past dealings filtered into his and Serena’s existence, which caused Ethan to make a choice.  Fellow readers, this novel is a must-read! 5.0 Stars!

Review – Ethan’s Choice: Blank Pages I (Blackbirds), by Lily Java

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