Desire is more than a six-letter word, and it’s also a bit of everything a girl needs in a hot tale by an author named Love. In this story, Arabella Jenkins liked to sow her wild oats with no shame. A free-spirited woman is liberating. The fact that she had no problems with changing men like most did their underwear was refreshing. When the relationship started to get too close for her comfort level, she would duck out like a thief in the night, day, or whatever time of day she chose to escape.  After Ara’s last relationship came to an end, her sister challenged her to go without sex for 90 days. Because Ara liked the intimate act a whole lot, I wondered if she would be able to stand up to this task. Since Ara was always up for a chance to show she would win a test of self-control, the challenge was real!

You know all is right with the world when the man who changed Arabella’s life was a guy called Denzel. How can he be anything but fabulous if he’s named as such? It’s like this, Denzel had not had a serious relationship in years, so when his brother challenged him to date and fall in love in 90 days, the challenge was real. All I’m going to tell you guys is the ride was worth the experience for both. I gave this novelette five stars (5.0).

Review – Everything I Desire, by B. Love

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