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The Winter Date (A Love for All Seasons Book 2) by Tiye Love

Winter Locke, still reeling from a broken engagement with her high school sweetheart, is dreading the holidays for the first time in years. An emotional setback seems likely given that she also has an upcoming class reunion in which seeing her ex-fiancé is highly probable. While lamenting her blues to her best friend, he tells her she should go and finally put the past behind her. Winter begins to have hope for love again and wonders if he’s the reason why.

Chad Turner, never big on commitment, is tired of witnessing Winter waste tears on a man he’d always hated. He’s also a firm believer that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. Before she sees her ex again, Chad proposes to take Winter out on a date to remind her that there’s love after heartbreak. What she doesn’t know is his determination to prove that he’s the only one for her.


Bittersweet: An Equilibrium Novella by Christina C. Jones

It’s looking like Anika might be alone for the holidays… unless the very last person she’d ever want to spend them with can convince her otherwise.
Is it really enemies-to-lovers if the disdain is one-sided?
(BitterxSweet is a novella)



Love Me For Christmas: A Novella by B. Love

What happens when the city’s most successful matchmaker fails at securing her own love? Her best friend takes matters into her own hands – even if just for the Christmas holiday! Giselle has always had a knack for bringing two souls together, however, she’s been blind to the needs of her own soul. When her best friend, Ashton, sets her up to finally put her own needs first, Giselle meets an unlikely match in Chaquille.

Chaquille has never had a problem pursuing women he was interested in, but lately, the pickings have been slim. His disinterest in women motivates him to go to a speed dating event, though he isn’t expecting to meet anyone worth the effort. By mistake, Giselle sits at his table, and the sparks that go off between them heat Chaquille up in a way that makes him believe it’s the Fourth of July instead of Christmas.

Giselle is expecting Chaquille to leave her because of her standards just like every other man she’s encountered, but when he proves that he’s up for the chase, she finds herself wondering if this match was really made in heaven… or just for the holiday.


The Magic of Christmas by Suzetta Perkins

As a teen, Montique Griffin was abandoned by her parents who were caught and convicted of selling drugs in New York City. She eventually ended up on the streets of New York, homeless until an unexpected person took her in and gave her new life.

Twelve years later, Montique’s life has dramatically changed and she wants to be the catalyst to give back and pay it forward. While her heart has been pricked to help someone who’s homeless and living on the streets, someone else resurfaces in her life and her dilemma is whether she should help that person.

Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He came on earth to redeem man and give him life. This celebration is at the root of Montique’s heart. While she’s had to overcome some demons to include hurt, shame, and disappointment, she’s also open to loving her neighbor regardless of what she’s been through.



Wishing For Her (Turns in Love Book 4) by Renee A. Moses

Turns in Love Holidays!
Brian Taylor loves his wife, Denise, and wants to make sure she knows she comes first. With the holidays around the corner, another girl stays on his mind: his daughter. All he wants is to see her for Christmas. It’ll take a wish and a prayer for Denise to allow it.
Family means everything to Brian. Each member. Not just the ones under his roof. He only wishes his wife could understand.



Worthy: Orphan Series Book Four by Dandridge Monroe

Friends. Then lovers. Then enemies. Now they’re somewhere in between. The baggage is too heavy and they’re both trying to release the burden. But is freedom what they really want?

Beauty knows pain.

Katherine Garner is the epitome of a survivor. No parents, friends turned family and tragedies that should have torn her apart. But she made it out with the battle scars to prove she’s a fighter. Now at a crossroads, she has to determine if the life she always thought she wanted is truly who she is deep down inside.

Save the day, be the hero, get the girl.

Despite vowing to protect and serve and living his life by the rules, Malcolm still hasn’t achieved everything in life he wants. But two out of the three ain’t so bad. But try as he might Malcolm Williamson knows that despite all her shortcomings the love he has for Kat will never die. The tables have turned and she’s no longer begging for his love. Will he miss out on his first and forever love by letting someone else take his place?

Past and present threats are colliding to try and rip these two apart permanently. Will they be able to trust each other enough to overcome those who wish to see them fall? Or will their inability to be honest be the reason they miss out on love and possibly lose their lives?



A Mistletoe Murder: A Christmas Novella (Holiday Shorts Book 3) by Necole Ryse

Ashton Chambers just wants to go home. But he has no idea where that is anymore. Fresh out of a divorce, his Christmas spirit is dwindling. Determined not to spend his holiday alone, he takes the last train to his brother’s house, and ends up with much more than he bargained for…

Mikayla Thompson is a grinch who revels in the Christmas spirit. After all, it’s the most scamminest time of the year. Known for her slick mouth and breathtaking beauty, she can squeeze her way out of any jam. That is, until she becomes the number one suspect in a murder investigation.

Bound together on a speeding train to Nowhere, will Ashton see Mikayla for who she really is? Or will both their lives be cut short on the unlikeliest of holidays?

Find out in A Mistletoe Murder.



However. Forever. : A Novella by Ivy Laika

Love just is.

That’s Rein Deerfield’s policy. A small white lie that brings Nick Colas into her life will prove just how true it is.

Christmas is when miracles are said to happen. Will a chance encounter of two kindred souls be a miracle that grows into love? Or will the lie cause everything to spiral out of control?



Hello Love: Paranormal Romance Christmas Novella by Jade Royal

Do you believe in Christmas Miracles? After battling through the loss of a loved one, Karson Laine is thrust into a world where he was forced to believe in the impossible. Christmas was always a special holiday for his pain but this Christmas his battles would multiply. Could a Christmas Miracle save him? Or would his hopes and dreams be shattered where he would be left forever in the throes of heartbreak?



A Vengeful Christmas: A Novella by Shajuana McDuffy

In this fiery holiday novella, Adina learns that her husband of seventeen years has been living a double life. With this newfound information that she has been given she goes out on a mission in search of the truth. That important piece of information is the glue to keep their marriage together. They say love is blind, but she has to find out for herself. She reconnects with an old friend who has been by her side every step of the way. He has expressed his interest in her, but she won’t give in to his advances. Along with another friend, he puts together a plan that will surely change her mind.

Will her marriage be reconcilable, or will love deal her a new hand?

Robert is a man of many talents. He’s smart, he’s charming, and he’s cocky. He has two women that he’s in love with, but he harbors a secret that could change the dynamics of the game. This secret has the power to destroy him and anything attached to him if it gets into the wrong hands. He could possibly lose everything… including his life. He soon realizes that it’s a race against time. Unfortunately, time is not on his side.

Will he be able to keep his secret a secret, or will karma finally catch up with him?

Regina has the perfect family. She has the man of her dreams along with three beautiful children. Her world is shattered when she finds out that the love of her life has been unfaithful. She’s always had an uneasy feeling about it, but she never questioned it. All hell will break loose when she finds out that the mystery woman has been in her own backyard all this time. Dreams of what’s to come could set her back for a moment, however, Regina has a secret of her own that could uproot the life she’s come to know.

Will she remain the lady she is and bow out gracefully, or will hell have her fury?

A chain of events will force these three to come together. Little do they know that they have more in common than they think. Hearts will be broken, loved ones will be betrayed, and friends will become foes. Christmas just ain’t Christmas without the ones you love, and they all will be together soon. Will this be a vengeful Christmas, or will this be a victorious one?



The Garden of Eden: A Romance Standalone by Millie Belizaire

Eden is an R&B superstar who has lost her passion for music. Andrew is a pastor who doesn’t believe in God. Although for different reasons, both of them move through life with an enormous amount of pressure on their backs.

On the night of her concert in New Orleans, Eden sneaks out of an afterparty and mistakes Andrew’s car for her ride home. Despite the fact that Eden claims she’s famous, Andrew’s never heard of her and he doesn’t care that she’s stranded.

Eden’s not used to people saying no to her. And that’s exactly what Andrew does, marking the beginning of a journey neither of them saw coming.

Andrew and Eden are unlike each other in many ways, but both are dealing with their own demons. Just as their issues threaten to crumble them both, they find each other.

This is a standalone.

**Available at a discounted price for LIMITED time**


  • This book is a contemporary slow burn romance.
  • Despite the summary and story elements, this is NOT Christian fiction. At least, not in the traditional sense.
  • Language and sexual content in this book may offend some.



Love Me Again (A Louisiana Christmas Book 1) by Danyelle Scroggins

Everyone knows the hardest thing to do is stay in the place where you’ve been hurt the most. And Jade does what so many of us do, run. She left Louisiana with hopes of healing her heart, but she soon realizes pieces of her heart was left in the place she abandoned.
Jasper Booth Jr. has never stopped loving Jade, but he’s no longer waiting on her to make up her mind to come home. Hopefully, a letter from an attorney will get her back to Louisiana, where she belongs.
Jessica Booth is planning the event of the century right on the field of one of Shreveport’s most phenomenal schools. She’s not only ushering in help for the children of a prominent hospital, but she also ushered in an atmosphere of love for her children.
If you know anything about the people and families of Louisiana, you know they love easy, eat good food, and party hard. See, what happens in Love Me Again, because you just may find yourself longing to have yourself A Louisiana Christmas.



A Christmas Baby Miracle by Otescia R. Johnson

If there was ever a day to pray for a miracle, Christmas would be that day!

Kenny and Avery Highland have loved each other since the moment they met. They spent their first 10 years of marriage blissfully happy and grateful they didn’t have any of the struggles other young couples experienced. If Kenny had it his way, it would have been just the two of them for the rest of their lives. However, Avery had a different plan. She longed to conceive the baby everyone kept telling her she was destined to birth. Though Kenny wanted to give her what she wanted, he simply couldn’t say yes, nor could he tell his wife the real reason he was saying no. Avery tried desperately to dismiss the desire to become a mother, but each time, she’d dream of her baby and wake with an aching so deep she was willing to throw her fairytale marriage away to conceive.

What happens when two people who are deeply in love want different things? Can a marriage survive denial, lies, secrets, and desperate attempts to get what one wants without regards for the other person’s feelings? Kenny and Avery both go to drastic lengths to secure what they desire and keep their marriage intact, but when the truth is revealed, it threatens to steal what they’ve worked so hard to build.

“A Christmas Baby Miracle” is a story that goes behind the scenes of marriage, faith, and trust. Just when you think you understand Kenny and Avery, the shocking truth is revealed about their nature and propensity to live with secrets!



The Christmas Gift by Monreaux

As a department supervisor at her job, Aoki’s work ethic is unmatched; her team follows her every command.

Behind closed doors, she embodies a lifestyle that strokes the fiery impulses buried deep inside that we hide from the rest of the world.

Meeting identical twins Geiceon and Geirald twice in her life, her tempestuous persona becomes lost in a myriad of lies, betrayal, love and lust.

In this space, love conquered all. Christmas will never be the same.



The Only Gift by Olivia Shaw-Reel

After witnessing the murder of her friend and testifying in a federal crime, Camryn Young is forced into the witness protection program with a new career, new home, and new name. Camryn’s left to fend for herself and start all over again, and accepts that loneliness is her new reality. Never did she expect to encounter a person from her past, a familiar face, in a sea of strangers.

Bryson was attending a special event when the woman of his dreams walks by. Intrigued by the chip on her shoulder, he expected to get her name and to get to know her better. What he didn’t expect was to be involved with a woman of many identities and a woman on the run.

This Christmas tale weaves together romance, comedy, and faith, and promises to warm the hearts and homes of all those who read.



Winter Wedding (A Lennox in Love Book 6) by Tina Martin

A last-minute family trip to New York at the end of December is a frosty reunion Lavina isn’t too thrilled about – at least, not in the beginning.

But then…

A surprise from Drake on the first day of the year has her full of joy because she knows her life is about to change forever.



Yours, For A Pryce (Pryce Sisters Book 3) by Brenda Barrett

Elsa Pryce and Mason Magnus had a mutual dislike for each other, at least that is what Elsa thought. She had been cruel to him when she was a teenager and he had been just as merciless with his jibes. Unfortunately, Mason was her new boss and her brother’s mortal enemy.

So when her brother declared that she would have to marry Mason to get him to forget his vendetta against him, Elsa thought it was a ludicrous suggestion. There was no way Mason would consider her as a prospective wife, nor would he be putting away his grudge against her brother just for her.

But why was she even entertaining the thought?



Trying Love Again (Golden Years Series) by W Parks Brigham

Trying Love Again
Arlene Talbert has washed her hands to love. Why, she’s loved and lost not once but twice. She had the unpleasant pleasure of burying a loving husband and then a wonderful fiancé. Oh yeah, honey-baby-suga, she was done until…
Roy Lindsey watched his wife take her last breath. The light in his heart and soul went right along with her, as well as his purpose for living. For many years he wandered around hopeless with one goal, survival until…
Allanville, Texas is where a cup of coffee brought these two souls together. Will they put their past behind and try love again.



Everything I Want: A Christmas Short Story (Desire Book 1) by Raven Heart

A long list of gifts can’t fulfill the desire of a long lost love.

Will the joy of Christmas be great enough to mend broken hearts and keep two distant lovers together?



His Perfect Melody: Sumthin’ Like A Christmas Story by J. Danielle

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays! Well, the gang is back and just in time for Christmas! The newly weds Josiah and Melody have jumped the broom and are adjusting to married life, with the usual suspects by their sides. Hop on your one-horse sleigh and take a ride through the buckeye state to catch up with the Hardisons, their friends and loving family as they spread Christmas cheer and spill some tea along the way!



Stuck With You by Ash Ley

While many enjoy the cool weather, time with family, and the joy that comes from the holiday season, Bianca Richards is one of the few who can do without the festivities. Having spent them alone for so long has her convinced that she loves the solitude, but an unexpected twist of fate leaves her with a familiar face that has her questioning all she’d previously felt. With conflicting interests and confusion from the impromptu company, will Bianca see the good in the holidays or will she be reminded of why it’s safer to keep herself guarded?



No Expectations: Adara & Roman by T. Key

Adara Comeau knew her worth and made sure others did too. Carefree and living her life on her terms, she was proud of her independence and freedom to do what…or who she wanted. Beauty, fashion and nice things is what she loved. Aside from her family and her bestie, they were the only things she loved. When it came to her heart, that wasn’t on the table for anybody. Men were only good for two things in her world. That is…until she met Roman.
Stricken by grief, Roman too had hardened his heart to love. Focused solely on his career in sports medicine, he closed himself off from deep connections with women after the passing of his mom and a betrayal in his last relationship. But the minute he saw Adara, all that changed. She was beautiful and she knew it. The way she moved and did life, he was ready dive back into this thing called love. On her terms…with no expectations. He was determined to let her fall for him all on her own. Which proved to be a difficult task. Could he change the way she viewed her world? Would she let him welcome her into his?



Dear Santa: An Underworld Short by Nako

Ramone King wanted to end the year strong and start 2020 going even harder. At the top of his game and truly in his prime, he knew that distractions right now wasn’t good but what do you do when you’re in love?
She was his therapy. His muse. His fifth quarter after he walked off the court.
Ramone knew that their love was powerful. It consumed them whole.
He wanted her to grow without him and she obliged.
The only thing on his Christmas list was that they spent her favorite holiday together before going their separate ways at the start of a new decade.
Dear Santa: An Underworld Short is a cute, romantic tale of young lovers. If short stories aren’t your thing please do not download this story.



The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book Two (An African American Mermaid Paranormal 2) by LeeSha McCoy

Is love really the only thing O’Asia needs to save the waters? Or is that just the tip of the iceberg?

O’Asia and Zale need to fall in love, but they’re currently surrounded by angry guards ready to uphold the law.

Can Odessa succeed in protecting them both?

With Emperor Seera now back in open waters, they quickly become more dangerous for one merm in particular, and O’Asia soon realises that the Prince and his love aren’t the only things she needs to protect them all…

As secrets are uncovered, characters are put to the ultimate test, and it becomes apparent that what they all want and what the water needs, is two completely different things.

What was once seen as the enemy, must now become the ally, and what once appeared black and white, now clearly isn’t.

As unlikely partnerships are made and the waters move closer to being truly free, all rests first on O’Asia grasping her advanced sorcery.

But will she succeed in time? And what other abilities will she uncover within herself that will help her on her quest to make the waters perfect again.

Reader note: Please be aware that LeeSha McCoy is an Urban Fiction Writer, and this series is an African American Urban Paranormal Romance. Therefore, some of the vernacular used may be different to what you are familiar with. Reader discretion is advised.



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New Release Round-Up December 16th-22nd

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