If a girl is going to fall for a hot guy what better man to fall on, I mean for, than a Knight? The author introduced readers to a new series about some lip-smacking, panty wetting, fine as wine men named Knight. Loved the title. Roman Knight had the perfect name for the vision I have of his masculine manness. The leading character in this newest novel gave a king-like air of confidence. His leading lady Cynthia Tremaine had a sexy personification so hot it smoldered.  Can you say chemistry? It might be physics, but whatever the scientific term, this couple was a steaming hot formula for the other.  The two met while on vacation in Trinidad, an island filled with a magnificent beachfront, tasty cuisine, and hot bodies ready for some action.  Cynthia Tremaine was on vacation at this fabulous resort, hoping to have a little rest and relaxation. And the chance to get away from the stressors in her life. Neither expected to meet, have such explosive chemistry and have what happened on the island, stay on the island.  The romantics in all of us knew that was an unlikely scenario for them. The chemistry alone was enough to believe they would meet again once they left the island. While on their sabbatical of R & R during Carnival, Roman and Cynthia made some extra special memories. If you’ve ever visited a Carnival city, the pictures of the events are crystal clear.  The side note characters in this story reminded me of Cinderellas evil stepsisters. Cynthia worked for her stepsister witchy Priscilla. She had the correct name for a prissy witch. You’ll see what I mean as you delve into their story. The short version has Prissy-Witch and Cynthia going to Nevada on a photo shoot. And yes, Roman Knight lived in Nevada. Roman and Miss Priss had a contentious relationship. However, he was happy to see Cynthia again. Some stuff happens, and Roman and Cynthia change the course of the story as we suspected happening. Because this was a great start to the new series, I’ll leave it there. 5-Stars!


Review – Falling for a Knight (The Wild Knights Book 1), by Té Russ

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