My first introduction to Danielle Burton, I thought her books were on the cusp of goodness, she reached that goal with her latest renditions. She has grown in her writing process, and it’s a joy to congratulate Danielle for a job done well. In this newest story, the characters are more mature and have a great character base in this story.
Malakai and Dahlia had a prior history and relationship before their college days. Fast forward ten years and the two faced the possibility of having to deal with one another once again. Dahlia’s not the slightest bit interested in acknowledging Malakai or even consider being his girl for the second time. Malakai, at one glance, was able to conjure the warm feeling from the times they once spent together as a couple. His determination to prove to Dahlia that he was a changed man proved to be a bit of a problem for Malakai. Because he left a hole in her heart large enough to fit a massive boulder, additionally, she was not interested in reliving the same mistake again. Malakai wanted to prove to Dahlia, he was not the same young man who’d left her heartbroken. He wanted her to know he was a grown man who still loved her, and determined to show he was a changed man. The steamy sexy scenes demonstrate the growth in the author as the sex and the action were hot. I had to blush a few times knowing the authors earlier works. Readers, this author needs inclusion on your roster of up and coming authors to read and follow. You will thank me for this book suggestion. 5 Stars!

Review – If You Love Me (Harmony Heights 1), by Danielle Burton

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