A book by this author is a recipe for fun, mayhem, and mischief. You may have heard of the feud between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s, well…. this story is an updated version with a considerable smattering of color and some funny moments thrown in for good measure. When the youngest members of rival families were bequeathed the same house in each of their family members last will and testament, the story and the action between the couple digressed into a battle of who could scheme better. The question of the hour was which one was left standing at the end of the story.
Alexandra Bridges was the lone survivor in her family of what her mother identified as a bunch of freaks and idiots. She and the other survivor was caught up in a 100-year-old feud. The expected quarter of a million dollars payout should’ve made them both a lot less appealing, maybe. The other heir, Justice Lawson hoped to walk away with the same quarter of a million dollars. Neither were happy campers when they learned each shared the house as long-lost relative to the Bridges/Lawson clan. The couple first met at the will reading, and the unexpected drama hit the fan at breakneck speed. Both wills stipulated the house in question would be the sole owner of one heir if the other could get the joint owner to bow out of the house and give up their rights. The squabble and trickery in the quest to win the house was so much fun. Justice’s intervention started when Alex headed to her interview. Justice showed his slyness by covering Alex in globs and goo; he had me rolling on the floor. Alex returned the favor with her ladder; it was yet another cause to laugh out loud, once again. All the while, the two were playing tricks, without the benefit of treats. It was hilarious to watch their antics.
I was cheering for Alex at the beginning of the story, near the end, they were in a dead heat for my vote. Because their attraction simmered just before the boiling point, I knew once they gave in to one another it would be impossible for both parties to resist. There was an abundance of funny things to recite and remember in the story; I do not want to give away too much. However, I will tell you; this author usually makes me laugh with great merriment with each story she writes. I like the funny character-driven stories, the plot development in each chapter, and specifically the build-up to the grand crescendo in the end. You need to get this story and enjoy it as I did. 5 Stars and several giggles…

Review – Feud, by Phyllis Bourne

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