Agape means divine, or unconditional love. Agave is an all-purpose plant native to tropical America.  What’s my point you ask? Well, I felt a spiritual force and connection to this story. A higher love connection planted and intertwined itself between the hero and the heroine. The couple had unconditional love. Their bond was one I hasten to experience between characters. The thing with this story, I was swept up in the emotional toll the story had on Charlotte, Darnell, Brenda, and Vincent.  All four were vital parts of telling this story. Charlotte and her husband were going through an emotional and stressful time after he opened his firm. Charlotte was an Interior designer and had more flexibility with her schedule. She felt neglected by her husband, and with good reason. I have no idea why this man thought it was okay to take a business call in the middle of making out with his wife. I know what you think because I had the same thought. The fool was cheating on his wife, right?

Darnell claimed she was his star, yet he treated his wife like she was a stone. So, when Charlotte and her sister Toni ran into a very handsome man while the sister’s last-minute shopped for the Thanksgiving dinner, this was the beginning of what was to come later.  I was so surprised and somewhat afraid of what could happen in the future. Ray Charles could see the chemistry was there. It was too funny the way he played it off and talked to Toni instead after he noticed the one he wanted wore a ring. By the way, Vincent owned a vegan bistro, and Toni was a vegan, the purpose of the shopping trip.

Over time and as Darnell continued neglecting his husbandly duties. I knew it would be a matter of time before the grass started looking greener to Charlotte. You’ll find out that neither had the best in relationships with their significant others. Along with Vincent, he and his daughters worked at his bistro. The girls were aware of the goings on in his life. Things they shouldn’t be privy to in a parents’ relationship.

Because Darnell chose to ignore his wife’s protests for affection, she began to think of alternatives. She started visiting Agave regularly. Once Vincent and Charlotte grew closer, Darnell had a case of stupidity and, when he did something unthinkable, flabbergasted doesn’t describe my reaction. I’m too angry to talk about it. Taking his chance to be with Charlotte, Vincent laid his cards on the table; it was then I realized, he was a man any sane woman would be proud to claim. I was speechless to learn what he endured for his daughters to have him in their lives so he could show them how a man should treat a woman. The spiritual aspects of the story were there yet; the story wasn’t overtly churchy. The content was light. However, the inspirational message was mesmerizing.

Charlotte and Toni’s relationship was also a factor in the way the story concluded. In a moment of weakness, Vincent and Charlotte would never be the same ever again. Vincent was more appealing, yet Charlotte loved and cherished her husband to a fault. I hoped the way the details ironed out would leave the families intact.  The story with Vincent was emotional, and It would be nice to see him later. I want Tru Luv for his compassionate heart. An amazing story. 5 Stars.

Review – Agave, by TruFiyah

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