Zuri Day has been a go-to author for this reviewer since I first read a novel of hers in the early 2000s. She consistently delivers a variety of books well within my level of interest. This was a nicely told story from the Crescent City, better known as New Orleans.

Pierre LeBlanc was a celebrated chef, the superstar on a show on the heralded Food Network, and he prepared delectable meals at his renowned restaurant.  When the story began readers are given the chance to recall where they were when Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans and left thousands of people homeless, including the lead in this story.  The return to his hometown has been twelve years in the making with a stop in Houston, Texas along the way.  When it was time for the big event to commemorate the return of the city’s hometown hero, Pierre never fathomed the development would include meeting the woman he would want immediately to be in his bed for as long as they could breathe.

The woman in question was a journalist sent to cover the story about the handsome chef’s return to the Big Easy. Roz knew her stuff and chose to focus on a different angle for the story about Pierre. The story Roz wanted to write would concentrate more on the survivors and where they were after the great storm. The idea proved to be the best angle to get to know the man and his heart. The story had a friendly vibe with an exciting storyline. It was an enjoyable story and an excellent read for those looking for a taste of New Orleans and a beautiful sexy romantic adventure. My suggestion- give this author a try. I enjoyed this story enough to give it 4.7 stars.


Review – French Quarter Kisses, by Zuri Day

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