Studio Sessions was superb. I was not ready for the story to end so quickly. Here’s the premise for the story and recap. Tali was on the brink of disaster in her financial and professional lives, not the least bit interested in finding a man to warm her sheets. Her finances held a higher priority. At the other end of the spectrum was Les, a man who wanted for nothing and could easily have what he desired at the stroke of his pen. Les was all about his money, the more he made, the better, and the least of his concerns were women. Love them and leave them would be the best way to describe his hook-ups. Tali was in no mood to be an addition to his latest conquests list. As the story evolves, Les character made a dramatic transformation and Tali was there to witness and help with the transforming.

The way the author told their story with her usual humor and casual-conversation-style draws readers into the story.  What I like most about this author’s style of writing is the way she weaves a story with a sense of fun and brings forth a storyline to keep readers on the edge of their seats, either holding their stomachs for the next laugh or waiting to see which plot twist she’ll develop. Les and Tali were complicated and lovable characters who in my view, were brought together to save one another. The ancillary characters are the other parts of this story I enjoyed as well. In this story, Tali Whitman was a hair stylist who used to style for Marcie. Now that Marcie’s career as a singer rocketed her to fame, she’d returned to get her former stylist to have her hone the look anew she once vibed at the onset of her career.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, but this reviewer will be there waiting for the conclusion. In the meantime, this story was five stars strong!!!

Review – Studio Sessions, by AshleyNicole

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