The story was described by the author as a romantic comedy and that description was fitting! It had me laughing so hard while reading this story, but it was worth the stares and sideways glances. Fun, feisty, and very funny are a few of the adjectives that I’d use to describe this tale. The story began with Jaclyn acting a natural born fool after she discovered some damning information. We all looked for the song Jaclyn was singing to use as an anthem any time something irked us to the breaking point, but alas it was fictional. That scene was the start of many moments of comedy and laughter.

Jaclyn adds to this author’s excellent repertoire of female characters that aren’t about taking BS from anyone. Jaclyn owns a Creamery in Blakewood and attends the University. She made the acquaintance of veterinarian Kadan who would make a strong impression on her. Some of the most comedic moments in the story are centered on the witty conversations between Kadan and Jaclyn. The emotional parts of the story drew my attention as much as the bantering between characters. The author is known for bringing unique characters and features to each story. The sexy side of the story was super sensual and extra spicy. If book two is as much fun as this one, the next story will be remarkable. 5+ Stars.

Review – I Think I Might Love You (Love Sisters Book 1), by Christina C. Jones

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