This author’s writing is unique and enjoyable. It’s very different in the right way. In this story, Spring decided after the last of her immediate friends married, she would need to either look for a man of her own, or she would move on with her other plan to have a family. After she’d finally made a best-laid plan, she met Bilal. Bilal was a nerd and a well-known techy, but he was unknown to Spring. Spring was a gamer who deconstructed games to see how they worked and later destroyed the games with strategy and reversed their position in her favor. Her main game was Pokémon, and her moniker was cute.

At times the story was so quirky I had to take a minute to absorb what was happening. Because I don’t know anything about gaming, sometimes the language was unfamiliar. That part did not detract from the story. For a good portion of the initial meeting, Bilal and Spring denied their attraction. Once the relationship between the couple was explored, the tale flowed much better. Then as the story grew closer to the climax and started to make a turn towards home, the author threw an unexpected curve ball. The section did not last too too long and was a slight distraction. In the end, the best-laid plan was waylaid by love. Spring’s twin sisters were funny, as were the artsy brainiacs Bilal liked to pal around with. The story moved at a moderate pace and mostly kept me engaged. A good read at 4.0 Stars.

Review – Best Laid Plans, by B. Hollidae

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