The ‘C’ in this authors name should stand for ‘Consistent.’She consistently delivers top quality novels for readers pleasure. The Inevitable series began with Tariq and Kora, but Dawn, Kora’s adult daughter, was featured in this story. Firstly, a series by this author does not necessarily signify it’s about the same characters. Most of the times, the previous characters will have a cameo in the new piece, but the focus will be a fresh new story.  Many of us wanted to experience Dawn’s story since meeting her a few years ago. And now some of us are holding out hope for Donnie’s story one day. Hint. Hint.

Dawn’s book began with a sexy vibe featuring a fascinating woman feeling free to express her inner bad B. As the story moved into this writer’s beast mode, readers, I clutched my pearls while singing a melodic tune. You’ll have to trust me on this statement. The hero in the story could not believe he had the chance to be in the company of Dawn F***ingOliver. The daughter of the infamous Kora Oliver and the stage artist he’d appreciated a few times. Patrick believed he’d hit the jackpot this time.  He and Dawn were good together and possessed my heart with each rendezvous.

The focus of this story was Dawn resolving to deal with the folks always in her business and continually speaking on circumstances about which they had no knowledge. Gossip, conjecture, and innuendo were the things she encountered when a horrible story resurfaced relating to a past relationship. A messy mixture to fodder greater press coverage was the basis of the old rehashed story.  She did not want to involve her famous mother, and certainly not her stepfather Tariq, as he might tear the town to shreds to support his sweet Dawn.  Somehow, Dawn planned to handle her situation without having to involve the powerhouses known as her parents or other supporters with the ingenuity to make sh!+ happen.  Instead, Dawn pulled back from the public eye and chose to deal with the slanderous stories independently.

In pulling back from the spotlight, a delightful treat became a treasure for her to experience and enjoy.

The way Patrick and Dawn met was completely hot. I have no problems with adults doing adult things in whatever time frame they see fit.  Passion and permission to indulge is the couple’s prerogative and done without judgment from this reviewer.  If they are consenting adults, I can rock with their decisions. The chemistry and passion exuded between Dawn and Patrick increased their enjoyment of one another and all its glory. Patrick was happy to accept Dawn’s offering and revealed in its goodness. Her old friend Donnie made an appearance as well as Kayla from the Five Star Series. Kayla was a breath of fresh air, and maybe we’ll get a story featuring her feistiness in the follow-up Five Star selections. Hint. Hint.

I am ready for what’s next. Five Stars as always!

Review – Inevitable Addiction, by Christina C. Jones

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