This was my first novel by this author. It had a lot going on. The main characters were lively and intense throughout the story. Londyn Bradshaw was a high-profile NFL agent and was used to living and breathing in a man’s world. She also was not willing to trust men because of the way she’d been treated in her relationships. Carter Andrews was a social-climbing businessman with a womanizing past. And yet she chose to have him front and center in her life. Carter was the antagonist in the story, and I’m not sure I liked him, even in the end when he was supposed to be a new man, I saw him much the same not much different. He showed Londyn who he was the first time and she should’ve believed him because he taught her time and again. He was a piece of work.

The author did a great job showing how manipulative this man’s behavior could be. He used his good looks to charm women and get away with murder. Carter was a chameleon who could blend into any situation and bend it to his will. Londyn was so in love with him, she was caught by his charm, arrogance and blinded to his deceitful ways. A few times Carter even mentioned he only loved Londyn, but still, he did what she allowed him to do. Ladies, are you listening to this man? A man can just do what you will allow him to get away with. Repeatedly this man did his thing. Infidelity, women and having more than one vice would at some point unravel his carefully crafted empire. Eventually, Londyn decided to put herself first, but I’m sure you all knew this would not be the end of their story. They came together again after a long absence, and the decision she made was highly personal; she knew It would always be about the man who was the one. A good first read for this reviewer. 4.5 Stars.

Review – It Was Always You, by M.T. Dixon

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