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Loving Cassie (The Prototype Book 4) by Jacinta Howard

Cassandra James thinks she has her place in the world all figured out. But an unexpected betrayal forces her to ask if her “free black girl” vibe is a myth, or worse, a mask to hide herself from the world.

Bam Mosley, keyboardist for the alt-soul band, the Prototype, knows who he is. He just wants to make good music and see the people he cares about win.

Then he meets her.

Sure, Cassandra is gorgeous and smart, with hypnotic eyes, but his bandmate’s sister wasn’t supposed to be this…disruptive and break down all his defenses.

She sees what he hides from everyone else. He allows her to take off her mask.

But is their connection powerful enough to survive life’s low notes? Or maybe the true test of love is knowing when to let go…



Unplanned Love (Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 4) by Sharon C. Cooper

Fate has a way of changing a perfect plan.

Liam Jenkins hasn’t given up on the idea of marriage. However, he’s closed his heart to his impulsive, force of nature, ex-fiancée. He’s moved on. But Charlee Fenlon is kryptonite to his common sense, and his resolve is no match for the explosive passion that still brews between them.

Liam, the stable, overprotective, loving man is everything Charlee wants in a husband. Yet, years ago she sacrificed his love for her career and a shot at becoming the CEO of her father’s company. But she’s still in love with Liam. And when a twist of fate leads to a second chance, Charlee’s going for broke to win him back.



Enigma (The Blackman Saga Book 1) by D. Camille

*Diamond Readers: The Blackman Saga picks up at the end of Her Warrior in the The Uncut Series.*

Mel Blackman is the leader of the infamous Blackman brothers, and now entrusted with the welfare of The Camilles by his cousin, the Sun God…his team is even larger and headed back to the States on a mission to protect the Stolen Ones.

Reminiscent of another time in history, black activists are being targeted and the team’s undertaking is to find out who exactly, is behind the mysterious deaths…

Note: The Blackman Saga is CONSCIOUS fiction with elements of romance, mystery, and history…



Rebel (Women Who Dare) by Beverly Jenkins

The first novel in USA Today Bestselling Author Beverly Jenkins’s compelling new series follows a Northern woman south in the chaotic aftermath of the Civil War . . .

Valinda Lacy’s mission in the steamy heart of New Orleans is to help the newly emancipated community survive and flourish. But soon she discovers that here, freedom can also mean danger. When thugs destroy the school she has set up and then target her, Valinda runs for her life—and straight into the arms of Captain Drake LeVeq.

As an architect from an old New Orleans family, Drake has a deeply personal interest in rebuilding the city. Raised by strong women, he recognizes Valinda’s determination. And he can’t stop admiring—or wanting—her. But when Valinda’s father demands she return home to marry a man she doesn’t love, her daring rebellion draws Drake into an irresistible intrigue.



A Girl Like Me by J. Nichole

Lo made her feel like nobody had ever made her feel.

That smile made Skylar feel like she was wrapped in a warm hug, like she was secure.

She was inspired, motivated to move out of her comfort zone.

With just one look from Lo, Skylar felt like the sexiest woman alive.

Lo was proving to be the love Skylar hadn’t realized she deserved.

But there was only one thing Skylar didn’t expect —  Lo, was a girl like her.

Grab A Girl Like Me today.



Be Careful What You Wish For (Behind Closed Doors Book 1) by Monica Walters

When you’re young, that’s a time to handle business and have fun while doing it. As far as love goes, you can decide on that later. Ashahve Glasper has that figured out too. She knows what she wants out of life in all aspects of it. She’s attending the local university for her chosen career path when she discovers that she knows what she wants out of love as well. There is only one problem; he’s one of her professors. She does everything but tell him when it comes to her infatuation, making her interest in him known. Just when she thinks things are progressing the way she wants them to, yet another man crosses her path. She wonders how she can feel something for two men at once.

Love doesn’t have an age, as long as she’s legal. That’s Elijah Coleman’s standpoint. After having a tumultuous engagement to a woman that he thought was the one, he’s given up on love. That is until Ashahve graces his classroom. Although it had been years since his engagement, he’d never had the desire to move on. Ashahve does something to him, though. Just her aura captures him. Starting a relationship with his student would be against the code of conduct for the university and that is the only thing that is holding him back. Will that be enough to keep his emotions tamed?

Life is hard already, but some circumstances can make it harder. After getting a medical discharge from the military, Omari “Rich” Watson decides to go to school to make something more of his life. He has a daughter to take care of and help raise. After he’s left reeling from the death of his mother, his life seems to be at a standstill and he shuts everyone off from his love, including the mother of his daughter. The only one that can reach his heart is his little angel until he notices Ashahve. A chance encounter at school, gives him an opportunity to shoot his shot and he has no intentions of missing.

So many decisions to be made. This triangle is going to leave someone hurt, but who will it be? Or, will all of them lose?



Madam, May I by Niobia Bryant

She’s the ultimate madam with a heart of gold. But can she fulfill her own dreams—and stay at the top?

In the business of high-end, no-limits desire, Desdemona Dean is the best there is. This gorgeous madam can provide any sensual fantasy, ignite any insatiable hunger. She fiercely protects the women who work for her and helps them attain the lives they deserve—especially when it comes to her beautiful, troubled new protégé, Portia. But for Desi, having it all is no longer enough. She wants everything her shattered childhood denied her. And as she pursues an education and a normal life, she’s falling hard for her handsome tutor—and can’t resist schooling him in ways that are turning into more than just passion . . .

But as Portia spirals out of control, she’s exposing any number of dangerous secrets.  And as Desi desperately tries to save her and manage the damage, she’s putting everything she’s worked to build at risk. Now with her empire in peril, Desi must discover if she can survive . . . and truly be free.



Lady Guardians: Rhapsody by Chelle Ramsey

Exotic dancer Kesha “Rhapsody” Armstrong performs at one of the ATL’s hottest strip joints in the city. Forced into a corrupt sexual world as a minor, her outlook on life is a bit warped and her ability to trust does not exist. Men come a dime a dozen in her life, but a run-in with a client from the club has her wondering if she can have more than the tragic circumstances that has comprised her life. In pursuit of those answers, she joins the Lady Guardians seeking that sense of sisterhood and camaraderie her life’s been missing.

Christopher Scott’s world revolves around co-parenting his daughter with his ex and enjoying his guys’ nights out. A chance encounter with Rhapsody at Flaming Diamond, has Chris wanting to know the woman, not the dancer who hides behind a façade of entertainment. But the storm that brews around his new love interest may jeopardize his relationship with his daughter. Can he forgive the secret from her past she has withheld from him?

Rhapsody is torn between two worlds. Trying to balance what her mother taught versus what the Lady Guardians and Chris offer becomes tumultuous. Working to change her destiny may be too much and cause her to revert to the person she believes she’s destined to be.



Vision (Limelight Book 3) by Anita Davis

All Dr. Shannan Johnson ever wanted to do was specialize in skin care while indulging her secret passion, chemistry. Her unique skin condition mixed with her love for chemistry eventually led her to creating her own makeup line, focusing primarily on foundation. What was once a quiet endeavor has become a well-known product, thanks to supermodel, Liv Summers. Shannan is living a life full of promise and excitement, but will an old flame add to her life in a way she never envisioned?

Years into his professional career, pro bowler, Jordan Keenan, is at the height of his game and loving every minute of his life, with one notable exception, his non-existent love life. He’s never quite been able to get over his first love, Shannan Searcy, who is now known as Dr. Shannan Johnson. Jordan was normally swift to put aside his interest in a woman who’s taken, however, never seeing Shannan wearing a wedding ring when he’s seen her in the limelight, gives him hope. Jordan feels as if he may have a chance to get the life he’s always wanted to share with Shannan after all.



My Sweetest Temptation (Tempting the Game Series Book 1) by Selena J.

Have you ever wanted something so bad, even though you knew that it was no good for you?

That’s the story of Shae, a brash, fearless, and beautiful young woman living it up in Atlanta. She has the chance to get with the man who has plagued her fantasies for as long as she can remember, and she is not going to pass up the moment.

Lincoln is a man who has plenty of options when it comes to women available to him, but right now he’s focused on his paper and running his empire. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t indulge in the many women who flock his way, but a man with options can afford to be choosy and as far as he is concerned he hasn’t found his Mrs. Right, so he is enjoying the bevy of Ms. Right Nows.

Find out what happens when a woman who goes after what she wants, and sets her sight on a man who doesn’t want to be caught. Will Shae be able to ensnare Linc in her web of seduction, or will he be able to resist her sweetest temptation?

Note: This is a novelette that contains mature content and language.



Their Impenetrable Bond (Logan and Atarah Book 3) by Shenaé Hailey

Impenetrable: impossible to pass through or enter. impossible to understand.

Bond: join or be joined securely to something else, especially by means of an adhesive substance, heat, or pressure.

Please note: The finale of Logan and Atarah’s story, Their Impenetrable Bond, will take you on one final ride that will reveal secrets, evoke questions, grant answers, and show the power of both love and hate… all in 10,000 words. Will their bond withstand the pressure and heat of their pasts, or will that which was once secure come tumbling down eternally?



The Business of Love by Cheris Hodges

A fire on New Year’s Eve makes CEO Jill Atkinson take stock in her life. She’s all work and no love. But when sexy fireman Darren Alexander saves her from the flames, something sparks between them. Jill, who’s been stung by a gold digging ex lover, hides her true identity from him. Darren has his own heartbreak, after divorcing his unfaithful wife, he won’t tolerate a liar. Will Jill and Darren’s love survive when the truth is revealed?



Upside of Love (love emotions Book 2) by Dominique Thomas

The Upside of Love is my broken heart can be made new, the Upside of Love is being with you….

Novah, Billie, and Normani were hit with catastrophic changes in book one.

Billie was forced to reveal her truths while also learning of Malachi and Dreux’s real relation to one another. It changed everything in Billie’s life, and she was left alone once again by Dreux. However, instead of crumbling, she stood her ground, and the Billie she now sees in the mirror is no longer a broken woman looking for validation. She’s now a healed, happy being, but where does that leave Dreux? Can Billie and Dreux fix their relationship and put it on solid ground or will they finally call it quits?

Novah is now pregnant and once again dealing with a man in the public eye only this time he’s a rapper. Durand is nothing like Carter, but he’s far from a saint. Between his schedule and skeletons popping up from his past Novah finds herself conflicted. Just the idea of being hurt again makes her want to run for the hills, but Durand isn’t the kind of man you can run from. He’s made it known repeatedly that he wants her, the twins, and the new baby in his life but with Carter running her ragged and her fear of being hurt again replaying in her mind it still might not be enough to lock Novah down.

After dealing with heartbreaking news concerning Tru, Normani makes a drastic decision that leads her down a path that she’s never been on before. Her angry heart walks her into Azariah’s arms happily. Momentarily all her problems are forgotten. However, the husband she no longer wants is dedicated to winning her over, and the man she wants to be with has priorities in his life that trumps her. When the love triangle becomes too much to handle Normani is forced to choose, Tru, Azariah or herself.

This is the finale to a two-part series.



The Way Things Are: The Truth Duet, Book Two by Tasha L. Harrison


Camden City Police Officer Levi Alistar Raymond has a Superman complex. He is determined to serve and protect even if that means, risking his career to support his girlfriend, Ava Marie Greene, in making sure a fellow officer who murdered her friend is brought to justice. Good cops do exist but if good cops stand by and allow the bad cops to harass, abuse, and kill the very people they are meant to serve and protect, they are not good cops. They’re accomplices.


Falling in love with a cop was the last thing Ava wanted or needed in her life, but somehow, loving Levi came to her as naturally as breathing. Keeping their relationship intact while everything in the world seems to want to pull them apart feels impossible, but she is determined to be the wind in his cape, no matter what adversity they face.



Emancipated by Fate (Because of Her Book 2) by Lex C.

Two hearts.
One Battle.

Apollo Xavier is the man behind the melodies and beats of the songs he makes with his chart-topping group, The Camp. Staying grounded with fame, money, and an abundance of women is something he’s prided himself on, along with trying to weather his storms alone. When the past he’s worked so hard to reconstruct begins to deconstruct, he finds himself at the mercy of his soul as the pull of force in the form of curves and a heart of gold finds herself in the middle of his world.

Khalina “Khali” Brackett is a daddy’s girl to the public eye – seemingly bred to live in Khadeem Brackett’s self-centered shadow. Khalina’s heart has been the gift that keeps on giving since the beginning of her time. Ironically, she hasn’t been privy to receiving the love she puts out ever since tragedy deeply rooted the course of her life.

When Khalina’s position to follow her heart and deviate from her father’s plan lands her with the responsibility of maintaining a beautiful building built in the place of ashes, Apollo finds himself trying to alter the fate of the only relationship he’s ever fought for in his life. Find out what happens when fate causes these two souls to collide at what seems like the worst possible time.



Lady Guardians: Curvalicious by Celeste Granger

Six degrees of separation; that’s what people say, right? But is that true for Naima and Ezekiel?

She was an anesthesiologist at Atlanta’s Grady Hospital; spending her days working to save lives. He was a professor of philosophy at the historic Morehouse College; spending his days educating leaders of tomorrow. At night, Naima Foster spent much of her time alone quietly content; a contention resulting from a painful past. At night, Ezekiel Hampton rode his custom Harley with the brothers of the Dirty South Riders, trying to avoid fixating on a current pain he couldn’t seem to shake. The two didn’t seem to have much in common at first glance. But there were only a few degrees of separation between the two.

They traveled in similar circles, yet those circles never converged until Naima stepped out of her comfort zone accompanying her best friend, Kai Jefferson, president of the Lady Guardians to an annual function. Ezekiel and Naima were destined to meet there. Those circles that never converged before would finally intersect, bringing Naima and Ezekiel together. Would that chance encounter be enough?



Mine Forever: A Young Adult Romance by Skylar Nightingale

Seventeen-year-old Javon Allen is in love with his best friend, Billie Rose, but she’s dating one
of the most popular guys in school. Locked in the dreaded friend-zone, he begins to date
someone new–in hopes of curing his craving heart.

Then Billie drops a bomb that shatters his world. She’s moving cross-country. Although
devastated, Javon throws her a surprise going away party. But when Javon buys Billie a diamond bracelet with the help of his mother, his girlfriend throws a tantrum, and Billie confides to Javon that her boyfriend broke up with her.

Despite Javon’s girlfriend’s outrage, he keeps in touch with Billie. Then, his girlfriend gives him
an ultimatum. He must choose his sprouting relationship or the girl he’s always loved. He makes
the obvious choice. Billie. But he discovers that she has found someone new. Now he wonders if he should let go of the girl of his dreams or fight to win her heart?



UPLIFTED: Lifted II by Angelia Vernon Menchan

For more than eighteen months, Amara was Matheo’s woman. In addition to running her thriving business, they traveled the world, often going to France, where he and his father were born. She loved him, was in love with him and felt he was in love with her, but he still lived in his home and she in hers. They shared many nights together, most nights, but she felt they were stalled. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be married but damn it, at least he could ask.



Rival Bid: Distinguished Gentlemen Series by Reese Ryan

She’ll fight for what she wants…even if she has to make a deal with the devil.

Camilla Anthony painstakingly restores older Chicagoland homes to their former glory. So when the opportunity arises to acquire an abandoned block of homes and a school in her neighborhood of Southlake Park, she’s ready to take on the challenge. But she’ll need the help of her former crush and frequent real estate rival.

Mekkai Arrington builds luxury homes. Increasingly, he and preservationist Camilla Anthony clash over gentrification. But when Kai reluctantly agrees to participate in a charity bachelor auction, Camilla vies for him and wins. She proposes an alliance that will benefit both of their companies while salvaging a historic neighborhood in their childhood community. But will the fiery passion that erupts between them during their beach getaway blow up their deal?



Weekend Lust Binge by India T. Norfleet

When what starts out as a weekend getaway to spend with her bestie turns into a full on lust binge, Penelope “Penny” Duncan isn’t surprised to be spinning uncontrollably in sexual turmoil over a man who literally showed her how the right stroke could leave her in a constant state of uncontrollable euphoric arousal. With her focus now on nothing but the immeasurable pleasure she’d been blessed with, Penelope returns home only to realize that not everything is as it appears and not everyone finds her newfound happiness acceptable…

From the minute Zamir Majors first caught sight of Penelope, he wanted her and was ready to do whatever was necessary to get her. It was only a matter of time until he pulled the perfect move to secure her in his arms and his bed. As far as Zamir was concerned, Penelope is already his. It’s not until reality reminds him that not only is his plan dangerously flawed, but Penelope is a once in a lifetime catch, that Zamir is ready to make his move. Unfortunately, unthinkable accusations, seemingly tainted trust, and unforeseen mayhem just might cost Zamir the only the woman who’d ever showed him an untroubled enough view to binge on something much deeper than lust…



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 20th-26th

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