Don’t you like it when an author decides to change her pen name and writes another great story? Well- you don’t have to agree, nod and smile in acknowledgment, okay. The name change did not take any power from her writing. It might have enhanced somewhat. You’ll need to decide. Let me know if you agree after reading the story. This book held my attention and told a very good story. The main character Hailey caused me to want to have a long conversation with her about her constant hot and cold moments with Kane. Kane, conversely, needed to go harder for the woman whom he obviously had strong feelings. A planner and a go with the flow person would be an unlikely pairing in my view. But the author made me believe this couple had a chance of surviving one another’s issues. The two met ten years prior and had a connection worth remembering, yet years later Hailey was too focused on career advancement and using her degree. Naturally, when Kane came back into her life, she was not readily available to be his everything. The two former friends met at a cabin with Kane hoping that their retreat would reignite a flame left dormant for so many years. He hoped the result would be happily ever after for them. The issues they had to overcome did not appear to be insurmountable, yet Hailey held on to her conviction to keep Kane at bay much longer than I wanted. But you know it wasn’t my story to tell, oh well, I’m good. In the end, the story was worth all the headaches Hailey gave me. Kane was also a sight to behold. 4.5 Stars!

Review – Just Love Me, by Shenaé Hailey

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