The story had me feeling a bit selfish in the way I expected the story to flow. If you read the previous review about Rashad and Lasha, you’ll recall that I thought they had a great connection. And to have to share their story with her mother Linda was almost a travesty. But hold up, don’t take that to mean this will be a negative review about Linda. Her story will change the dynamics of the story dramatically. You’ll need to check out the story to see what impact this will have on the story for yourself. Rashad proved to be the man he showed us at the beginning of their journey, and I believed him the first time.
Lasha grew so much from the beginning of her time in the story. Readers first met Lasha during her father Jeremy’s introduction story. I do recall, how she seemed more mature than the average young adult at that time. It was an amazing treat to watch her develop and flourish into adulthood in this story. Let us proclaim them the new power couple to reckon with in Center City New Dynasty in the future. It will be my pleasure to tag along for the ride. Thank you, Angelia, for giving readers hope and inspiration in your writing to recognize aging with grace as a positive example to emulate. A great story. 4.5 stars. Keep them coming!

Review – Rashad and Lasha: A Center City New Dynasty Story, by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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