Labyrinth’s story kept me in my feelings. I wanted to box her between the eyes a few times when she tried to be snarky with Cinnamon. In fact, the whole family had my back in this story. And it was a real treat when Labyrinth finally got the message and received her act right from Cinnamon. Readers this woman’s been around a while now and, even though I was late to the game; she feels like a real person.

The author makes the Blacks and Browns real life royalty from Center City.  Seeing Jesse take on the role of Lab’s father was too cool. I could not imagine how that would feel. Lab’s selfishness almost got her touched a few times. Muhammad and Messiah’s presence in the story added a subtle flair to the story always and made me smile. Those two men are still total coolness. Lab made her way through the tale with her capricious attitude and behavior, with trying to play with older men and then pushing her body at any man who showed her attention. The family dynamics with her aunt Alexandra, Jessie, Cinnamon, Malcolm, and Aura made the story a sure gem. You’ll need to read the previous book before reading this story. Overall, the author did a magical job once again. 5-Stars!

Review – Labyrinth’s Maze: A Cinnamon Conflicted Book, by Angelia Vernon Menchan

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