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f*ck and fall in love: a novella by Nicole Falls

for jane and nigel, timing is everything.



Claimed by a Knight (The Wild Knights Book 2) by Té Russ

The last thing Paige Bennett expects while home in Sweet Rapids mourning the loss of her best friend is any romantic entanglements. But when she runs into Remi, she quickly discovers that he might just be the perfect distraction.

Former NFL player Remington Knight’s sole focus has been getting his brewing company up and running. But when Paige, his former high school crush, suddenly reenters his life, Remi decides feelings of unrequited affection are not an option this time around.



Rookie Mistakes by Danesha Little

After accepting life’s painful detour, Nashya Jordan finds comfort in her unlikely new path. Now a TV personality, her primary focus is to make “Girlfriends Talking Sports” the number one show on ESPN. Her plans are interrupted when NBA Rookie, Sebastian Powers enters her life.

Growing up in London, Sebastian Powers’ only ambition was to become the greatest basketball player of all time. When his arrogance becomes a roadblock to that goal, he meets his match in Nashya Jordan.

What happens when two stubborn souls are forced to face their pasts together?


Caught up in the Rapture of Love by Britt Joni

Wellington “Wells” McMillion and Olivia “Livi” Jefferson have been friends their entire lives. Leaning on each other at every low and celebrating each other at every high. When one needs the other they are always there. So it was no surprise when placed in a position to lose an inheritance, Wellington thought nothing of asking his friend for help. He knew without a shadow of a doubt Olivia would come running, but can their friendship survive something as big as this?

Olivia has loved her best friend her entire life but she’s always been afraid to act on it. She’s been content playing in the shadow of being Wellington’s dorky best friend. Even when her heart was telling her to speak up she stayed silent. After her friend asks her to sacrifice her time to help him out of a bind, Olivia jumps at the offer, hoping that eventually he sees her as more. Will she ever speak of her love, or will she suffer in silence forever?

Wellington has known he’s loved his best friend since she entered his life. He never wanted to be anything except her man, but he knew she wasn’t ready for the type of love he had to offer, nor did he desire to change their friendship forever. When his longing to make her his became too much, Wellington set a plan in motion to make sure the desires of his heart were made clear. Will lying to his best friend win her heart, or will it ruin their friendship forever?



Love: A Forgotten Art by Ivy Symone

The way they met was unconventional, but it connected them in ways Dasani never expected. What should have been a single encounter turned into several. There was something about Prime that magnetized her to him…Egotistical, vain, and pompous, but confident, beautiful, charming, and eccentric. Prime didn’t have to exert his dominance for her to know who he was. Her submission to his energy came naturally.

He was what she needed.

Prime was the perfect name for someone like him; it was truly befitting. He carried himself as if he was of main importance and considered himself to be the best in quality. And yes, he was at the most successful peak of his life, and he exuded great strength and maturity. Now it was time to settle and findeth a wife. Unable to change the mistakes of the past, he looked forward to another chance at love and family. He believed he found it in Dasani.

She was divine and breathtaking. A chocolate goddess. A priceless piece of sculpted art. Dasani was quiet, hardworking, loving, nurturing, and a successful business owner. Prime admired her drive and passion, but he loathed the pain and hurt in her eyes. All he desired to do was be the man to remove her out of the darkness and place her in the light where she belonged.

She was what he wanted.

Sometimes, what we want, and need isn’t what’s best for us; nor is it best for the people in our lives that depend on us. After Prime learns that he and Dasani share a mutual loved one in their lives, Prime must make a choice: Dasani or the “loved” one. But Prime is used to having his way, and not having Dasani will be a problem. Will he be able to abandon the idea of love in order to salvage the broken relationship that stands in their way, or will he forfeit the opportunity to make amends and hold on to his Dasani?



Fake News (Social Experiment Book 3) by Sherelle Green

Investigative Reporter Rule #1: Never get too close to the subject of your story. Up until now, I’ve been able to separate business from real life. Yet, the more up close and personal I get to him, the more difficult it is for me to back away. With each penetrating stare, he sucks me in deeper. His kisses are as lethal as his words. He has secrets that could cost me my job and put me in danger. So why do I feel like he’s dangerous for all the right reasons.

Street Fighter Rule #1: Never underestimate your opponent. I don’t know much about her, so I definitely shouldn’t trust her. She has me opening up in ways I’ve never done with anyone. Steering clear of her at all costs should be my goal. Yet with each conversation, I uncover more layers. She’s hiding something. Then again, so am I. The more I’m with her, the harder I fall. Now I need to figure out if I’m the one putting her life at jeopardy, or is she the one risk I never saw coming.


An Ounce of Decorum by AshleyNicole

They have to make this deal happen.
Noura’s been nasty to Khalil since she laid eyes on him.
Khalil is bout tired of her sh*t.
Can the two hold onto just an ounce of decorum to close the deal, while trying to keep their hands off of each other?


I Want it All: The Love Heist by C. Monet

A Thief and a Librarian…

Although they may seem like an unlikely pair, when love is in the air and in search of a new host, anything can happen.

Sophee O’ Shea is newly single after a long relationship with her bum of a boyfriend Dru ends. Growing up in foster care, she understands and values history, but history was not as kind. After his countless excuses and broken promises she refuses to allow history to make a fool out of her anymore. As she sets out to remove Dru from her life, she runs into the man who doesn’t take no for answer.

Deacon Sinclair is not afraid to take exactly what he wants, when he wants, from who he wants. In fact, he wants it all, and that includes Sophee. When he lays eyes on Sophee, he knows that with her by his side the normal life he’s dreamed of is on the horizon.

With jealous friends, conniving exes, and his secret on his back, a few things will come and try to halt his plans. Will Deacon be able to steal her heart and have it all? Or Will Sophee be the challenge of a lifetime?



Eat to Live (Grimm Brothers Collection Book 2) by Mycah Edwards

Once upon a time a girl had a sweet tooth that she could never seem to satisfy. So, to suppress her desires she worked hard. Just as she’s on the precipice of success, her vision shatters before her eyes leaving her lost, frustrated and most of all deprived. The tiny flame inside of her had only ever been a dull flicker. Until him. He ignites a fire in her core that only he could extinguish. But, they are afraid. A connection so intense and so new it’s hard to accept that it’s just right. Unlike other men he knows what he wants from the very start and what he wants is her. To have. To hold. To eat. Enter if you dare.

Disclaimer: Eat to Live is a twenty thousand something word novella. It also serves as tale two of the Grimm Brothers collection.



V is for Vicious (The Women of V Series Book 2) by Danielle Allen

My family was rich with love, but we were broke. So, I was willing to do anything to make sure I created the life I wanted. And because I was willing to do whatever it took to secure my future, when V extended an invitation for me to join, I jumped at the chance. I was willing to lie, cheat, and steal to reap the benefits of the elusive secret society. A V membership meant doors opened and opportunities knocked. There was only one line I said I wasn’t willing to cross. But when it came down to it, I wavered.

People always want to know what V stands for. For me, V stands for vicious.

What I did was a betrayal.
It was disloyal.
It was treacherous.
It was necessary.

I’m not the villain in this story. But what I did was vicious.
And that’ll haunt me for the rest of my life.



When Elijah Met Sallie (Fall Black in Love Book 4) by D. Camille

FALL BLACK IN LOVE… is an Annual Volume dedicated to classic Black Love. This is a 20th CENTURY HISTORICAL that begins in 1911.

When Elijah met Sallie is a romantic tale of a love that shows the triumphs of a couple committed to the race. Their journey to Mound Bayou, Mississippi gives a lesson contrasting the two different philosophies of the time.

Dr. Elijah Madison was born for greatness. As a prominent physician in Chicago, his world is turned upside down after he decides to relocate to Mound Bayou. When his plan hits a snag, Elijah must test his beliefs regarding a pretty, young nurse, in order to achieve his goals.

Nurse Sallie Smith lives a happy life in Chicago, under the tutelage of her beloved aunt. When she learns of an all Negro town built on the premise of black excellence, she throws caution to the wind and places her trust in a young doctor with dreams as big as his heart.


Love You For Life (The Love Chronicles Book 4) by Sheena Binkley

Now that Andrea “Andie” Williams and Dexter Robinson have found their way back to each other, they are now planning their new life together.

While Dexter is loving his new engineering job, Andie is struggling to find one in her field. With multiple unsuccessful interviews, she doesn’t know what her next move will be. But will an offer from an unlikely source make her accept the position? Or will she go into a completely new direction in her career?

As they continue to find their way in their professional lives, the two are also planning their wedding. With their parents helping, along with their friends vying for the coveted maid of honor and best man titles, the stress is getting to both Dexter and Andie, making them wonder if they should forget about the wedding and elope!

With everything that is going on, the couple will receive some shocking news. With so many issues on their plate, will the news push the two closer together, or will it slowly pull them apart?

Find out this and more in Love You For Life, the fourth and final book in The Love Chronicles series.


When I Met Love by Tucora Monique

Dark skin is not beautiful, are the words cognac-colored beauty Rori Love has been told throughout her life. At twenty-six years old, the aspiring business owner has grown tired of verbal abuse and contrived relationships in exchange for financial stability and status. Choosing her sanity over validation, Rori finds more fulfillment in her ambition than in her manufactured thinking.

Unfortunately, the girl from the top of the hill can only afford to rebuild in the very place her parents deemed unworthy of blessings. Nevertheless, a coincidental run-in with Hughes Pointe tattoo artist, Yonas Banks, starts to sway Rori’s self-doubt and judgmental thinking regarding boys from “The Bottoms.”

Will Yonas be able to show Rori that true riches aren’t solely measured by money value? Or will the leery princess fold until social scrutiny?



The Waymaker by Rod Palmer

“Withholding forgiveness requires the tedious upkeep of hatred” – (The Waymaker).

Three gunmen in devil masks raid New Birth Baptist of Huntsville and forever alters the lives of its members – two in particular: Ameena, a Broadway actress who returned home because her baby sister has cancer, and Will Dantzler, a handsome, motorcycle-riding associate pastor who saves Ameena’s life during the shooting. The near-death experience opens a door to Ameena’s hardened heart and Will gladly walks in. Right off the bat, their budding relationship is challenged by how the robbery investigation exposes each of their not-so sanctified pasts.

Police believe the robbery was orchestrated from the inside, and the philandering, bombastic head Bishop Simon L Bonneau has no shortage of enemies.

Can the heart-wrenching love between Ameena and Will dig its way up through all the mess heaped upon it, like the investigation, a vindictive skin bleaching first lady, a jealous associate pastor, even monsters from their horrible pasts coming forward – in one form or another – to ruin their blessed present. Most importantly, where is God’s hand in all of this?



A Brewing Storm: Orishas of Aye by Wynta Tyme

Misunderstandings and not compromising has a reputation to rattle the foundation of any marriage, whether it’s going good or bad. This ideology is even true amongst the Gods. The powerful storm Goddess Oya can no longer bear the feeling of loneliness, the absence of physical touch, and love escaping her and Ogún’s marriage faster than lightning could flash.

Like most men, the God of war and iron, Ogun, is completely oblivious to his wife’s feelings. With a crumbling foundation, it was so easy for Shango to swoon her. Now that Oya is the third wife of Shango, his real intentions are as clear as a blue sky. Anger, hurt, and betrayal are now the main ingredients in a recipe for disaster. An all-out war between the Gods have now been created.

With so much power-wielding in the air, sparks fly, sending all three of them to be reincarnated throughout time. Now in a new and modern era, Oya is a thriving storefront owner, who also owns one of the biggest black owned farmers market. Her life is about to take a drastic change when a devilishly handsome fireman and a professional boxer barges their way into her life.



Heart of Stone Book 3 (Angela & Brent)(Heart of Stone Series) by Chiquita Dennie

Angela enjoys the single life—she can do what she wants when she wants, unapologetic about her lifestyle until a night of passion leads to a new role. Now, she must decide if she’s ready to leave her past mistakes behind.

Brent is living a perfect new life, expanding his company, enjoying the dating scene. When he returns home, He never anticipated what came from the one night of passion.Brent’s decisions require taking into account more than just himself after being confronted with twins on the way.

Angela’s eager to prove she’s changed, and Brent has to reconcile his feelings for the one person that holds his future in front of him. New beginnings for the two strong-willed, and stubborn, alpha personalities will come together in a shared love for the lives they’ve created.

Can these one time Lovers have a happily ever after, or will they have to settle for leading separate romantic lives and in time learn to be friends?

Standalone in the Heart of Stone series about 3 best friends searching for love, happiness and healing. Overcoming their past relationships and find love again? HEA, Steamy Romance.

Heart of Stone Book 1 (Emery&Jackson)

Heart of Stone Book 1.5 (Emery&Jackson) Valentine’s Day Short

Heart of Stone Book 2 (Jordan&Damon)

Heart of Stone Book 3 (Angela&Brent)



A Groom Worth The Wait: Meet the Bridegrooms, Novella 3 by Patricia Sargeant

Three confirmed bachelors get a second chance with their one true love …

A Groom to Worth the Wait is a second-chance-at-love / reunion contemporary romance that reunites a mature couple. It’s an adversaries-to-lovers, opposite-attract love story.

Excerpt: A Groom Worth the Wait
Alexis hesitated. “When do you start production?”
Nathan didn’t want to pressure her, either by words or deeds, but how could he make their documentary irresistible to her? Why should she choose their project over Wes’s much more lucrative one?
Why should she choose him over Wes?
“Production starts as soon as we can get a D.P.” Nathan spread his hands. “We’re anxious to release the doc this fall. Next year, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum will celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Negro National Leagues. We want our project to be part of that celebration. Are you interested?”
“I’d need to leave by the beginning of July.” Alexis’s eyes narrowed as though she was picturing her work schedule. “I’ll need time to prepare to leave for Benin with the other production crew at the end of the month.”
“That’s plenty of time. This is only the beginning of May.”
“There’s no give in my schedule, Nate.” Alexis pinned him with a warning look. “I’d need to leave, whether or not your production’s done.”
Holding her gaze, Nathan leaned into the table and lowered his voice. “Lexi, what’s holding you back?”
Alexis considered him for several silent beats. “Not what; you. I still have reservations about working with you.”
That stung. Nathan sat back. “We’re not twenty-somethings anymore.”
“Age doesn’t guarantee wisdom.” Alexis chuckled. Her smile warmed her features, brightened her eyes – and stole a large chunk of his heart.
Nathan took a moment to refocus. “Do you trust me?”
Alexis tilted her head. “I don’t know you.”
“That’s about to change.”
For better … or for worse?


Joy for the Journey (Magnolia Gardens Book 3) by Michelle Stimpson and CaSandra McLaughlin

Life at Magnolia Gardens for Frenchetta Davenport seemed to be falling into place. She’s made some great friends and fallen in love with an amazing gentleman. Things took a turn when her son Keith got shot, and her daughter announced that she was having trouble in paradise. With Frenchetta’s wedding only months away, will Frenchetta turn in her mothering apron for a wedding gown? Will she find joy for the journey?

Tracy is pregnant BUT who is this child’s father? And then there’s Buddy. What will he say next? Maxine is finally divorced and living her best life. Norman has been a great friend to her since she arrived. Will their friendship develop into something more?

Bestselling author duo Michelle Stimpson and CaSandra McLaughlin will keep you laughing, cheering, and praying for this lovable cast in the final installment of the Magnolia Gardens series.


Tempted at Midnight by Cheris Hodges

For hopeless romantic Sylvie Gates, there’s nothing quite as magical as a New Year’s Eve kiss. So as the clock nears midnight at her best friend’s party, Sylvie makes a beeline for the sexiest guy in the room. A happily-ever-after would be nice of course, but Sylvie’s trying to live in the moment. Plus, she’s about to begin the biggest project of her interior design career, so she better just enjoy her last night of freedom . . .

Newly appointed CEO of troubled Jordan Industries, Erik Jordan expects New Year’s Eve is the last night off he’ll have all year—and the billionaire plans to make the most of it. Locking lips with gorgeous Sylvie is just the beginning of an unforgettably steamy night together. But the fact that she steals his signature move and slips away in the morning is only the first surprise. The second is running into her again—at her job remodeling his company. Is it coincidence—or the power of a perfectly-timed kiss? With the electricity still crackling between them, and some major challenges ahead of them, they’ll find out before the year is through . . .


Foundations: Dallas & Delanie Book 2 by Nai L.

Dallas was walking through the world with the love she thought she needed. That was, until Delanie stepped in and changed her views on what love should be. She was never one for feelings after her past relationships, but with Delanie, she was there til the wheels fell off.

Delanie on the other hand was no stranger to love, even if he didn’t embrace it. He still knew how to give it and cherish it. Dallas made him want to love, want to care, and want to be whole.

They formed a bond and a foundation that was unbreakable. It was solid and sound. It was them, and they were ready to give love everything they had.

So, take this journey of friendship, love, and passion with Delanie and Dallas. Fall in love with love and watch it stand the test of time.



Love Delivered: A Christian Romance (Faith in Love Book 4) by Gina Johnson

Faith and Blaise Hawthorne are finally expecting a baby, but when Faith’s mother resurfaces from the grave will Faith choose to forgive or will she harbor bitterness and resentment that will harm her pregnancy?

Sheila Green is finally clean and sober and looking for some stability. When she finds her long lost daughter will she be ready to be the loving mother she was meant to be, or does she have ulterior motives?



A Dangerous Partnership by I Elaine Jenkins

The Jones brothers are well known for influence, wealth and power. While the four the brothers have their on positions within the family legacy. Kahil, Kwame, Kingston and Kingsley all talk about settling down. The mention of new opportunities will further delay that goal. When Kingsley the eldest is so against no outside partners. He is smitten, by the presence of Neema. Will this encounter be a game changer.
Neema Valdez, she is in town for one purpose an investor. After running into a college friend while visiting, she may just find more than an investor.

This just could be A Dangerous Partnership!


The Other Side by Trice Hickman

After one too many failed relationships, businesswoman Bernadette Gibson is resigned to singlehood. Yet on the heels of her fiftieth birthday she meets Cooper “Coop” Dennis, a charismatic nightclub owner who literally sweeps her off her feet. But just as they’re ready to make the ultimate commitment, a secret from Coop’s past threatens to end their relationship . . .

As her fortieth birthday approaches, bestselling novelist Testimony “Tess” Sinclair is hurting—especially since her ex-boyfriend got married. For a change of scenery she travels to the sleepy southern town of Bourbon, NC, to visit her cousin, Bernadette—and finds unexpected love. Yet as wedding bells promise to ring, Tess wrestles with a secret that could end their happily ever after before it begins . . .

Up-and-coming makeup artist and single mom Arizona May is thrilled to be just a few months away from marrying the love of her life. Until then, she and her fiancé are committed to celibacy. But on the eve of Arizona’s thirtieth birthday, they surrender to passion—and she discovers something about her Prince Charming that leads her to rethink their plans . . .

As Bernadette, Tess, and Arizona strive to find happiness, they develop a bond that strengthens and surprises them—and carries them through their struggles, to the other side.



Queendom: A Collection of Poetry by Aubreé Pynn

Queen this is your…
Dedication to your lineage
An Ode to Your Magic
A crown that’s worthy
A grand rising
A word of encouragement
Your unapologetic strength, love, and truth wrapped in
Emeralds and Gold buried on Holy Ground
And a reason to never die
Because God is in you.
– A.P.



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