Layla says, “Beauty exists if we look for it,” and that rings true with this story. The beauty in it isn’t hard to find at all.Ava Bleu is a new-to-me author and I thoroughly enjoyed this novella. The writing is unique because there is use of alternate scenarios which drives most of Layla’s internal thoughts as she addresses the reader. As the reader, you’re included as if you’re standing in the room with the characters and they’re just about to turn to you and ask for your opinion. As Layla sorts through her feelings about what to do with the growing newness of her community and with Mr. Double Cheese, so will you. You’re learning to give in to spontaneity and to relinquish controljust as Layla is. You’re just as emboldened and hardworking as she is. The secondary characters in the story have no small parts and help to bring it full circle. As the plot unfolds and develops, the backdrop of the community and its members are important to the reader’s interpretation of who Layla is. It‘s clear that this author has done her research in urban development.

The novella is brief but progresses at a steady pace. If you’re looking to dive into something full of life, and a persistent love with an active story then this is your next read. Go ahead and settle in with this one and maybe with your own favorite (local) pizza. 5 stars.

*note: a free book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.*



Review – Layla’s Love, by Ava Bleu

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