The author has a small collection of books, and this one will warrant a closer look-see at her catalog. The way the characters relationship evolved in this story; the connection was sparse until midway through the book. The hallelujah chorus could be heard singing in the distance for this couple’s inevitable truth. Because Ali Robinson was incredibly selfish and because he and Camisha Robbins were unmatched as a pair, would they ever survive the trials? Many times, the most unlikely relationships are the ones to survive at any cost. Ali was from a privileged background, whereas Camisha was from a different social class. Despite their differences, they had a stronger connection than they both realized at first. The author told this story with a fantastic voice and a striking presence. I liked Ali and Camisha as a couple, their relationship was hard-fought until the very end. The sensual parts in their chemistry gave the story an enjoyable spark. The Atlanta revisit throughout the story was refreshing for me as I lived there for twelve years. In the end, they proved they were both good enough for the other. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Good Enough, by Vonna Ivory Joseph

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