Could I get a shout out for Alexandria in the House! Wow! And wow again! Every time I think this author is about to peak, she slams the writing into overdrive and does a controlled spin into another sweet story. In this story, Everett and Jo were a slam dunk, shake and bake, Skyhook, smooth fade shot into the proverbial writer’s basket- and she scoooooored! Want a few more basketball or sports metaphors? Okay, Everette had me double dribbling all over myself just thinking about his hotness. Okay, enough already.
Jo Walker planned to take care of daughter and herself since her baby’s father was a no-good sack of poop. Jo worked as an apprentice to a jeweler. Her plan was working well until she crossed paths with Rap Artist Big South or Big Twelve. He bragged later in the story about why he had such a descriptive name. And I believed him the first time. (In my best Maya Angelou voice). Jo’s boss Peter Park was Korean, married to a mean as a rattlesnake, black woman. When I say she’s badass, I am speaking the truth. It was funny how the beating his wife put on his behind, apparently did not stop his cheating ways. Bruised and battered, Mr. Park sent Jo to deliver a piece of jewelry to a client. Their first encounter did not go well; it went straight to crazy shortly after Jo entered the room and saw a big naked ass. From that point on, Big South could not redeem himself with Jo, no matter how drool-worthy. Jo was a little tyrant who boldly spoke her mind, even to a big celebrity. But it was funny how her smart mouth and acerbic disposition hooked him all the way live.
Peter Park treated his apprentice more like his concierge. But Jo was relieved of her duties once Everett learned of her desire for a better plan. When Everett was able to talk Jo into allowing him to infiltrate her life, this also included her sweet baby girl. The next few dates had Everette ready for love. He would later learn the identity of Jo’s daughter’s father. He was also in the music industry and was a little kooky if you ask me. No. He was a boatload of coo-coo for cocoa puffs. Jo’s network of friends was constantly in her ear giving advice and begging her to give Big South a chance to clear out her cobwebs below the belly-button. Jo’s friend Bridgett was an actress and a feisty female in all things. I loved her immensely. Oh, before I forget. What’s with the men in grey sweats? That visual’s been stuck in my head since another author planted that seed. And the love scenes.. hubba, hubba, and hello! Ms. House put her foot in this story.
I liked the way Everett adored Jo’s freckles and the way he kissed, caressed and loved them. I can’t forget to remind you Everett had a teenaged daughter named Ella. Although she was a sweet girl, her mother the British model, was a version of fruit loops without milk. Esther was not a nice person and had villain written all over her. The closet scene, crazy! Sidney, Jo’s ex, also crazy. Sidney remarried with a baby on the way, but he was still stalking Jo. In the end, Big South won the match with a perfect checkmate. Jo just needed to let him love her his way. 5+ Stars You All!

Review – Let Me Love You (McClain Brothers Book 1), by Alexandria House

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