Readers, the world needs the McClain brothers so that they can spread their sexiness from sea to shining sea. It is rare to have a collection of books so riveting; readers wait impatiently for the next installment. The author is stalked by nameless followers. (No names revealed, you are safe).
Nolan McClain was considered the smart McClain brother. In true Nolan fashion, he had his life all mapped out according to his life goals. He was all set until he met Bridgette Turner. Bridgette Turner turned his plans upside down, inside out. Another thing, this McClain was one of the brothers to pique my interest with his persona and delightful personality. Bridgette was the one he needed to give him the action he so vastly wasn’t aware he needed to get to the romantic relationship level. There was never a certainty whether Nolan’s penchant or propensity to only date European women was a ploy for attention or was it something deeper? The way the author dealt with his issue was nicely detailed. It was flabbergasting a bit to learn some of the reasons why he dealt with the women he chose to have in his life. His choice was not an excuse; it wasn’t even his real preference. It was the result of a conscious decision to keep his heart safe.
Now, let’s talk about Bridgette and Nolan together as a couple. She was what he needed to show his brothers he enjoyed the company of Black women. Bridgette was initially skeptical about Nolan’s motives when he originally showed interest in her as a friend. The two of them having a potential friend with benefits relationship was on the table for consideration. Nolan was refreshing, his story was funny, and held my interest. Bridgette’s part of the story was highly emotional with some parts in the story being somewhat unexpected. It was nice to see the change in the twins’ relationship. Neil’s part in the story was a nice segue into his story. I was happy with the brothers’ situation at the end of their segment. As usual, Uncle Lee Chester made his presence known and always giving his much-needed advice. Nolan and Bridgette’s relationship, oh my! It was sensual and super sexy. I am ready for Neil’s story. 5 Stars.

Review – Let Me Show You (McClain Brothers Book 3), by Alexandria House

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