The author’s way with words is magnificent. It’s also a delight to read the names the author chooses for her characters. The short novella began quickly and ramped up at an even pace before it stormed and barreled down the middle of the road at breakneck speed. The story had a startling start with the death of Eden’s husband. The change it brought to her life, and world had a dramatic propensity. The title for the story, although emotionally charged, it kept readers guessing about its origin.

Eden took time to come to terms with her loss and this detail added more depth to the storyline. One year and still Eden struggled. Meeting Calico was different, and his pull towards Eden was oddly fascinating. The couple emitted a vibe that was sometimes difficult to discern. The story had a lot going on, yet some pieces had a light connecting point. Many portions made the story intriguing a bit more, and to learn about the intricate details regarding the couple’s life still warranted more storytelling. The ineptness in the way Calico went about getting Eden in his life was again strangely astonishing. The story was short, so this review is short as well. The story was an interesting read. Let’s see what’s next. 4.0 Stars.

Review – Dark Side of the Moon, by Mercy B.

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