The novel was a sweet, sweet story about a couple starting over, and about a man giving up a negative past to make a dramatic transformation. Aniya Thomas once lived a dismal life with a man whose ego was more massive than a glacier mountain in Antarctica. He was a TV news anchor with an “ its all about me” complex.  After she leapt at the chance to leave their relationship, Aniya was determined never to love nor let a man rule her life again.

That all changed when she met Hasan Davis, a third-generation attorney. Hasan was in charge of his family’s law firm when Aniya’s need for legal advice captured his attention.  Although Aniya’s husband never spent much time with his namesake son, he decided to make his ex-wife’s life miserable by making strides to fight for custodial rights, despite having no real interest.  The steps he took would have a domino effect on Aniya’s new life and her career.

Hasan was a spoiled rich kid, who’d always had everything he needed in life, so when he decided to help Aniya, it was part selfishness and part desire to save a damsel in distress. He might be able to get a little nooky if he was lucky.  He fell for Aniya and her son Cory, and the rest, as they say, was history. Hasan was ready to offer assistance with the legal actions to help make Aniya and her son’s life better. Later in the story, he fell all the way in love with Aniya.

The story flowed well, the chemistry between the couple was spot on, and the connection between the pair was simply amazing. The tale engaged me and held my interest from the first page to the ending.  Here’s my advice, give this author a try, and I’m convinced you’ll be happy that you took my suggestion. My review 4.5 Stars.

Review – Love and Testimony (Love and Legalities Series Book 1), by Alana K.

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