In “This Could Be Something Special” meet Kampbell, student by day and exotic dancer at night. She has faith that her dreams will come true as long as she stays focused. Kampbell is unrivalled, her unique personality is what sets her apart from every other woman. When she meets Kenari Evans, she’s impressed by his efforts to get her attention but once she starts to like him back, he is reminded of one very important thing.

He’s married.

Amina is the black beauty that stole his heart almost fifteen years ago. However, “I Do” wasn’t enough to hold her down. She’s desperate to find herself and become a model at the same time. Amina would rather have fame than love and doesn’t care if she hurts her husband in the process. After running off to chase her dreams, she soon realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side..but will it be too late?

Will Kam and Kenari have something special? Will Amina come back after she realizes her mistake? Find out in the standalone “This Could Be Something Special”….”


New Release Spotlight – This Could Be Something Special, by C. Monet

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