Book five in this friends’ series was nicely detailed. Judah’s story, as I’d expected, was a lot of fun. The boisterous twins’ personalities made the story exciting. Maddie and Judah knew one another for several years, which made it easier to believe their genuine relationship. Judah Rossi and Maddie Boyce knew one another for many years, so when he wanted to be more than friends, she hesitated to change the dynamics of their friendship for fear of losing him if things changed. Why do those guys always worry about the what ifs? Over some time, she gave in, and the love connection began in earnest. But we all know drama follows close by and waits to pounce at any time. The extra tension in the story added to the undercurrents and its flow. Judah’s story appealed to me the most, as his personality struck a louder chord. Check out the other four books to get the full impact of this story. Overall it was 4 stars worthy.

Review – Love Between Friends, by Nycole S. Bailey

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