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Should’ve Been: A Short Story by Alexandria House

When they first met, they both belonged to another. Now he’s determined to make her what she should’ve always been–his.



He Who is a Protector (Sadik Book 3) by Love Belvin

“You’ve discovered my weakness, Nalib?”
“I have the power, Sadik.”
“That you do. Be careful how you execute it. I’m an Ellis; abuse of power won’t be tolerated.”
“Only if your authority acts in favor of my heart.”

She now has the power, but he remains in control.

The Ellis family is in turmoil, facing their most challenging opponent yet. In addition, there’s death, illness, betrayal, confusion, and countless new adjustments the family must endure. Can Bilan and Sadik’s love withstand it all?

Bilan has always wanted a family. Sadik proposed his was the one for her. Even during the Ellis’ weakness in trying times, can Bilan use her power to keep them together? Otherwise, what significance does this power hold?

In the greatly anticipated conclusion, find out what happens when power and control bind a family.

Publisher’s Note: He Who Is a Protector is book THREE of a THREE book series. This book contains angst, violence, profanity, sexual explicit content, and gory material. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you.



All of Me (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 1) by Honesty Price

Ivy has lived a multitude of lives in her 20-something years. With her hot girl ways behind her, she’s focused on changing her reputation. After weeks of telling her family, she couldn’t attend her sister’s wedding, the stars align for her to go. Now, she needs a date.
Greg thinks he’s got life figured out because he follows one rule: always tell the truth, even when it hurts. When he needs a date for a family event, he uses an app to find Ivy and he’s immediately intrigued when she isn’t charmed by his brash, lay it all on the table demeanor.
Her baggage and the chip on his shoulder are no match for the spark between them. From their first encounter, they find like, lust, and laughter, but will they find love?
DISCLAIMER: This a self-contained volume with no cliffhanger. This series is for mature audiences ONLY. This installment is a full-length novel containing profanity, erotica, and sensitive sexual content. If you do not like explicit sexual content, this book is not for you.


Summer in the Sunset (Wild Thoughts Baecation Series Book 2) by M.T. Dixon

Ahlecia Davis thought she had it all – successful fashion business, homeowner, and amazing family and friends. The only thing everyone thought she was missing was a man. Ahlecia didn’t see the need for one at this stage of the game until an expected surprise falls into her lap.

New York native Derek West is a transplant to the Washington, D.C. area. Finally settled in adjusted in the new city and over his last relationship, he hopes to become a permanent bachelor. Without notice, life pushes him off track to explore something new.

Will Ahlecia and Derek open their hearts to love and let fate take its course on their unexpected journey in paradise or will it crash and burn?

M.T. Dixon and Honesty Price collaborate on a series of vacation romances centered around the dating app Any Time, Any Bae. In each book, the app leads two lucky souls to fun, adventure, discovery, and hopefully, love.



Never But Forever by Sidni B.

When Quentin and Kaelyn agree to take their friendship to another level, they vow not to let it change anything between them. When one of them breaks that promise, the other is left broken and alone while struggling to put the shattered pieces of their life back together.
Four years later, an unexpected event lands them back into one another’s space and forces them to realize that all they needed to help heal their individual wounds was each other.
Just when it looks like things might get back on track, a devastating secret comes out, threatening to tear apart their friendship forever.



Ava and Patience: a purple love story by B. L. Wilson

Ava Thomas is an attractive, wealthy, older single Black woman who practices abstinence, that is, until she meets a shy, quiet bartender at her friend’s private club who loves purple as much as she does.

Patience Meeks has been observing Ava throughout her dinner with friends. When a drink order from Ava’s table comes to Patience, she decides to mix a special concoction in honor of the sexy purple designer dress Ava is wearing. The tasty purple drink and Patience’s quiet observations during dinner arouse Ava’s curiosity. Patience feels foolish as she stutters and stumbles over her words and simply walks away from Ava in mid-sentence and hides in the employee lounge until Ava leaves.

What should be the end of the connection between the two women is not. Ava wants to know more about the shy, female bartender who loves purple, has a devilish cockatoo named Socrates, and loves taking pictures of anything and everything, including “night people.” And hence begins a seesaw relationship between the two women.

Is a love of purple, pictures, and birds enough to keep two women from far different worlds together? Find out in Ava & Patience, a purple love story.



Sand Cove by Niyah Moore

Sand Cove is a beautiful secret haven tucked away from the city, entirely off limits to everyone except for its residents. Sand Cove seems like the picture-perfect place to live, but when Luca Moretti is found dead in his home, FBI agents Tyler and Stanton expose the residents’ deepest secrets to find his killer.



Black Knowledge (The Excellence Series Book 3) by D. Camille

The finale of the Grayling Summer Series!!

Vincent Burton, the new City Manager, has been tasked to identify the next direction for Grayling. As a researcher, his quirky mind is filled with knowledge that he’ll use to create a new way of life, both for the town and for himself.

Kory Whitmore has known and worked with Vincent for years, but when the final wave hits the town, she’s swept up in the beautiful black love it brings, with the man who can make all of her dreams come true.


Long as I Got You by Alexis Latrice

Monica, Jada and Nevaeh are three friends from Tampa, Florida. Ever since second grade they have been joined to the hip. What happens when the people around them begin to shift the girls relationship. When heartache, drama, their careers, and most importantly, MEN, begin to smother the girls, will their relationship stand strong or will they fall apart. Come alone and ride with me through this journey, don’t worry. I won’t be alone. Long as I got you.

Monica has been on her own since her mother left her on her grandmother’s steps pregnant with her little sister. Granny G took her in but wasn’t able to physically take care of her, so Monica had to get it out the mud. She was the baddest in the city and had the attitude to match. But when Jayvion Thomas came into her life it changed for the better, or did it? Monica and Jayvion have been together going on 8 years. Monica is tired of all the back and forth shit they go through. It’s been 8 years and nothing has changed between them. At this point, she’s ready to move on with her life and start fresh with or without Jayvion.
Ever since Jada was a child, she’s never wanted for anything but there was something missing, her dad. She’s always felt like something was missing in her life. To make matters worse, no nigga could tame her. That was until she met Zayvion Thomas. His boss mentality made her fall for him quickly. Zayvion and Jada have been together for 8 years just like Jayvion and Monica. Will Jada let love push her over or will she finally form a backbone and put Zayvion in his place?
Nevaeh is the wild one out of the girls. With her growing up on the other side of the city, she was more polished. That didn’t change anything because she was more hood then Monica and Jada put together. When her first love Nas broke her heart, she swore she’ll never fuck with him again. Then she meets Gunplay and he changes her in a good way, he reminded her so much of Nas but he wasn’t him. Is the original better then the carbon copy or will Gunplay win her over?



One More Thing by M.C. Walker

Free spirited, thirty something, dancer Monica Charles doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to men, but now Anthony’s come along. Handsome, funny, and attentive, Anthony. He could be her Mr. Right. Things are looking up for Monica… apart from one small problem, well a rather large and annoying problem…., District Attorney, devilishly handsome and charming, Chase Fitzpatrick, is back and ready to put a ring on it. Monica’s happy with Anthony and nothing can come in between their love, right?

Chase is not taking no for an answer and will do anything to get the woman of his dreams back into his life…forever.
What happens when our past interrupts our future?

Monica’s about to discover that the past can come back to haunt you, and the future you imagined could slip right through your fingers. Discover one woman’s search for happily every after one more time.



Return to Me (The Holmes Brothers Book 8) by Farrah Rochon

The long-awaited final installment in the Holmes Brother series.

Three years after his bride-to-be jilted him at the altar, Jonathan Campbell is still struggling to expunge every reminder of her from his life. His new motto is to never again expose his heart to such anguish. But when she pops up uninvited on his doorstep, his life is suddenly upended all over again.

A case of cold feet sent Ivana Culpepper running the week before her wedding. She found refuge and purpose in Haiti, working with relief aid organization Operation: Heal. When a series of circumstances force her to return to her hometown of New Orleans, Ivana must face the consequences of her actions and the bitter rejection of the man she once loved.

Can Ivana convince Jonathan to give her another chance, or is her betrayal too much for their newly reawakened love to overcome?

Order of The Holmes Brothers series:
Deliver Me
Release Me
Rescue Me
Chase Me
Trust Me
Awaken Me
Cherish Me
Return To Me



Out of Office: Charleston Cougars-2 by DM Brockington

Janette thought that having her best friend Gina hang out with her on a work trip would be fun.

Gina is fresh out of a fling with a younger man and has been feeling more bold and adventurous.

During a night out in Vegas, Gina dares Janette to kiss a random guy. He has to at least look younger than them.

Never one to turn down a dare, Janette picks Grayson.

Janette will spend the next few days enjoying her time out of the office with a sexy, younger man who knows what she wants and how to give it to her.

A Sexy Short Read (11k)



Uncontrollable Love: The James Way by Asia Monique

In Alayla and Jahe: An Uncontrollable Love, Alayla James set the tone. Her story introduced us to her six brothers. Hendrix made his debut in Allow Me to Love You: Hendrix and Ruby’s Story, giving us a deeper look into the James’ siblings lives. Now, it’s time to meet the rest of those incomparable men…

After losing his high sweetheart to gun violence, Tahj James buried himself in work and family matters. Five years later, business is booming, his family is thriving, and he couldn’t be happier. After meeting the beautiful, Amila Hampton, he gets back what he lost all those years ago, in the form of another woman—in the form of love.
Newly single, Amir James, is conflicted between giving his ex another chance, or moving on with his life. The clash of what he needs and what he wants ends when the soft spoken, Emily Williams, enters the picture. Emily gives Amir hope, while he unknowingly provides the same for her.

Isaiah James finds himself lost more times than he would like to admit. A challenge from a barista by the name of, Luna Devonshire, gives him a different outlook on life — an outlook he never imagined. Luna opens his heart to a love he never suspected he needed. 
Allen James Jr, is a believer of fate, love, and all that comes with it. When he meets Pia Hamilton—a blue eyed goddess—on a trip to Vegas, he believes fate brought them together. In this instance, what happens in Vegas, didn’t stay there.



Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love 3 by Aubreé Pynn

Indie has revealed himself to Taj and getting back in her good graces is tougher than he thought it would be. With the business of the streets still going on and Joey’s incarceration, Indie has to choose which issue needs more of his attention. Determined not to break under pressure, Indie tries to juggle all three.

Taj has been stewing in her anger since leaving Indigo and the rest of her family in Los Angeles. While she returns back to her day to day motion it’s becoming painfully clear that she cannot continue on the current path. With Malcolm fighting to keep her focus and Indie lingering in the background, Taj is torn between living the life she’s been accustomed to or living the life her heart is leaping toward.

Can Indie and Taj get what they want, or will they be forced to choose everything else over them?

Find out in Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love Part 3.



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New Release Round-Up August 26th-September 1st

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