The story yanked me all the way into the story and made me a captive reader for the entire storytelling process. The subject matter in the story is one many can relate to, it was a complex story I’m certain will compel discussions about abuse, and when to say enough is enough. Please don’t let the initial parts deter reading the full story. The excellent writing elevated the story to a palatable state of mind for this reader. In all honesty, the writing is the only reason to see what happens in the end. The author took a difficult subject matter and spun a well-written story. It was real life, and the rainbow was thankfully apparent. Love was painful in this story for Shayla for several seasons.
Shayla Simms gave up a potentially good relationship to later get caught in a firestorm of hatred leveled upon her by a person who supposedly loved her. Kurt was the picture of pure evil. It was difficult to fathom a person could wield such an evil persona and see nothing wrong with his perceptions. The violence he bestowed on Shayla was nearly unbearable at times. Graciously, this part of the story moved quickly. Because If Kurt’s actions were defined as love, this reader will pass.
Shayla met Darius Carter for a season in her life that was magical, magnificent and special. At the end of their season, they parted ways and never expected to see one another in the future. They both had the feeling their relationship was too good to be true. There was no way to believe love could develop at the pace their love grew, survive, and go the distance. When they met again after several years, the chemistry was still deep within, and it exposed both their hearts once again. Darius showed Shayla love doesn’t have to hurt. He showed her love is painless if the right man is the contributor. The benefactor receives a precious gift when given correctly and with definitive discernment. Readers don’t sleep on this author’s work. 5 Stars.

Review – Love Doesn’t Hurt, by Kay Shanee

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