Every time I see this title, I think of the first line in the book by the ancient author. The glaring difference was the story’s content about black folks finding love feature. The story was a nice Thanksgiving treat. It was short, sexy and sweet. In the story, Aspen was an actress who was home for the Thanksgiving break to visit family and friends. Her agent booked a driver to accompany her around town: Orlando, the author, described as thugged out handsome with a fit body and nice legs. I guessed his @$$ was nice too. But anyway. The fact that Aspen was not turned off by Orlando’s job title spoke volumes about her as a person. Not a bougie bone in her body. And when their relationship steamed to the boiling point, I was happy the way they dealt with their situation. You know, an ordinary guy and a celebrity. I liked the way they interacted as though they’d known one another for years. But readers, the scene in the car was hubba, hubba and hot. No spoiler* I promise. The friends and ancillary characters gave the story a jolt of joy. The way the guys razzed one another was fun to witness. Then the sensual parts burned the pages with the couple’s desire for one another. Overall, this was a Thanksgiving to remember with this story. And since this was a novella, the review matches as its short and to the point. Get yours. 5 Stars.

Review – A Tale of Two Cities: A Thanksgiving Novella, by Alexandra Warren

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