A Christina Jones novel usually has a unique and catchy opening to draw readers into reading-mode, which smoothly transitions into enjoyment mode. Her black love stories will unexpectedly creep up on you and engulf your entire body in its flames of desire and attraction. That’s the way I feel when I read a story by this author. Her writing encapsulates me and draws and holds my full attention from the beginning until The End.

In this story, readers will have the change to revisit the first couple of romance in my eyes with Carter and Vivienne from “Didn’t Mean to Love You.” Although they aren’t the principal reason for the story, they were part of the fabric of what makes this story magical. Each of the Carterownsmyheart Women-  were happy to see him again.

Fresh Cuts is Carter’s barbershop set in Mahogany Heights. Followers of the series will remember for a few years now, we’ve come to know this prosperous community of Black professionals as the backdrop behind many CCJ stories. Jules was the new lady in town set to open a business in the township. Her roommate worked for Urban Grind as the head barista. And her new shop was across the way from Fresh Cuts where Troy was the shop’s manager.  The two hit it off immediately and ended up in a compromising situation. Troy tried to pull back and stay away from Jules, but her free spirit and magnetism would not allow him to disengage fully from her clutches.  They tried the let’s be friends strategy, which worked to enable them to get to know one another better. The time together also created a connection beyond chemistry.  When Troy struggled with his goal of being a novice non-manwhore, he turned to his mentor Carter for support. Because Carter made a big faux pas with Vivienne during their relationship building stages, he was able to prevent Troy from going down that foxhole. Any chance to visit with Carter’s Frenchie makes me happy and, I liked Troy’s relationship with Viviene and Bellamy as well. Their cameos added some fun to the story.

Did I mention I thoroughly enjoy the heroines in a Christina Jones novel? If not, listen up. Jules free-spirited nature was refreshing and energizing. I’ve read stories where the ladies come across with woe it’s me syndrome, whereas Christina’s female character is strong-willed, intelligent, and on her game. A damsel in distress character, never that in one of her novels thus far. The other thing that draws her readers is the snappy dialogue between characters. Jules and Troy’s bantering, along with the guys in the barbershop’s snarky comments were some of the funniest things I enjoyed most. Oh, and the sex. Don’t forget, Mrs. Jones writes the heck out of a love scene. The story’s vibe with Troy and Jule felt like a real couple early on in the story. The more time together, their cohesiveness was evident with every look, caress, and gentle interaction. Troy said it best when he claimed, “Real recognizes real.” I can’t agree more. This author paints beautiful pictures with her words with a Realness and expert storytelling. 5+ Stars.

Review – Love Notes (Equilibrium Book 1) by Christina C. Jones

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