First, this author is doing her thing. Her growth and progression in her craft are commendable. Each story adds more depth and dimension to her collection of fine literature.
In this story, readers get to revisit with characters from the first book. Jordan and Imauni were the featured in this story. Jordan decided he was not ready to be in a relationship with Imauni, yet he did not want her to be with anyone else. Can you say, selfish man? How does one think they can quit you and then still expect to play with your heart and your special place. Nawh dude! Then there was his overly dramatic need to keep tabs on her. The big baby was upset about her working and being away from him. Are you getting the picture here?
Now let’s talk about his competition. Adonis… Can you say, Fine! Yes, this man was too fine. You’ll need to visit the author’s website to see her rendition of both men. Then there was the issue with Blake and her man Cordell. Cordell was Adonis’s cousin, so you know Jordan hated him, mainly since Blake was his cousin. One would think they would focus on their problem. Imauni and Jordan’s troubles were mostly related to his stubbornness, and Imauni always allowing him to have his way. Dominic and Haze had a few screenshots as part of the story. Haze remains one of the character’s who’s intrigued me from the onset. Dominic’s love for his woman- easy to like. Darien was missing in action in this story and made an appearance at the end of the story. I felt terrible for the way he treated Melaina based on the strength of gossip. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from them in their account.
As Imauni became more frustrated with Jordan, she chose to give Adonis a chance to be in a relationship with her, even though she knew her heart still belonged to Jordan. Later actions by Imauni brought Jordan to his knees. No need to admit, but I will, I was not impressed with the way Jordan decided he needed her after all. Nothing like a little competition to see the error of your ways. I understood why Imauni chose to withhold information about the offer from Adonis. Jordan’s vacillations made it challenging to know which Jordan would emerge. In the end, all the moving parts worked well together. I hope a story with Adonis is forthcoming, so that I may claim my man, as he’s such a hot commodity. I liked the way this story concluded, with enough space to add more to Jordan and Imauni’s story and expound on the tale of the others. I was happy when Jordan got his act together and took some come-correct pills. And by the way, Melaina and Darien’s story will be a scorcher; I’m sure… 5 Stars.

Review – Everything I Need, by A.C. Taylor

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