The synopsis for this book was a snatch and grab event. The start of a story must draw me into the depths to pique my interest. The fact that the main character spoke so fervently about how he felt about his position with his new team dragged me all the way into the story and snatched my attention for several hours. Rutledge tried with all energy to make me hate him, but I could see past his antics to the guy on the other side of the curtain. Rut was the guy with a heart of gold and the love for his friends, and those who rode for him. His need to be a better man, to be more than his father showed him, and to live up to the expectations of his mentor who’s a very powerful man was ever present.

Rut met his new position coach and quickly discovered she wasn’t one to take BS from him or any other player on the team. Rut and Coach Sloane learned to co-exist In the Kings system over time. Rut acquiesced to the demands of coach Sloane, his mentor, his players success rep Nate Richardson, and eventually his love interest, Parker. Rut’s psychologist called him out on his BS a few times, as it was much needed. The amazing thing you’ll discover in the story was Rut’s ability to discern and move strategically. When he set his mind on a goal, he went about the task of completing each goal. He scaled all obstacles as though they were nonexistent. The primary obstacle turned out to be his interest in Parker.

Parker was part of the Kings family and worked in the front office. Her deeper connection to the Kings legacy further muddied the waters for Rutledge. I was happy when his attraction and sheer desire made him look at Parker differently than he usually did with most women. Hit it and quit it was his usual modus operandi. Once Parker gave in to Rut’s insistence on staying with her in the house she lived, things became highly emotional and super sexy. The story covered so much ground and territory; there’s enough excitement to go around a few times. Because Rutledge was a complicated character to get a grasp of initially, it was hard to fathom the way he made his way into my heart and burrowed into the seams nicely. I like complicated cerebral characters that go against the grain. Rutledge swam against the current most of the story.

The spot visits by LB favorite characters were nice to see. There are so many layers to the story I have yet to speak. You’ll need to be ready for this one. Be on the lookout for Divine intervention, and you’ll witness the power of loving an ineligible receiver. Bravo Love Belvin for a superb story. 5 Stars.

Review – Love’s Ineligible Receiver (Connecticut Kings Book 5), by Love Belvin

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