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I Get Lost In Your Love: A Novella (#Dirty30 Book 1) by Deshon Dreamz

Men love hard.
They get hurt.
It changes them.
#Dirty30 & Get Laid in Vegas.
That was the plan. That was the entire plan and ExZhia Bishop had prepped her mind and body to be completely in line with the plan. She decided that she would leave her morals; common sense and decency back home in Dallas and just go for it. Determining that she only lived once, and turned thirty once. She wanted to do something brazen and completely out of character for her and she had her plan. That was until a morning run turned into an accident that shifted her plans as well as her life in a way that threatened to ruin her birthday and her opportunity to sow her wild oats.
Daniel is in a weird space, one that he dreads deeply and wishes to be delivered from. Divorce is hard in itself but the added level of betrayal he was experiences made him feel broken in more ways than he can verbalize. He had to shake back and in order to do that; his close friends conclude that a spontaneous trip to Vegas is the thing that he needs.
Two paths that constantly cross are surely meant to be tangled in some way. Right?
I Get Lost In Your Love is a witty four-part short, fun-filled love story about pain, growth and the journey of love.



Adjacent: A Building 402 Novella by Alexandra Warren

He’s the last guy she should be checking for.
A Certified F*ckboy.

She’s the only girl he can’t seem to get off of his mind.

The proximity of them being neighbors certainly doesn’t help either of their causes. And when one side is ready to pursue their curiosity about the person next door, it quickly becomes clear that anything goes in Building 402…

Note: While this book tells a complete story, it is a novella meaning it is shorter in length by design. If you prefer your stories longer, I’d recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂



Surrender To My Love by Thea

(STANDALONE) Madison Lawson was a devoted mother of four-year old twin daughters Evelyn and Michelle Lawson. That was until she lost them due to a tragic accident. Madison decided after selling the house and getting rid of her child’s father Steven Adams, that she needed a fresh start and decides to leave the city of Angels to move to Dallas, Texas. She meets and falls in love with Garrett Lewis, who has recently opened his own gym, and is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Garrett battles trusting women due to his past relationship’s history. When he meets Madison, he has to have her. Madison is fighting her feelings for Garrett because she struggles with guilt for moving on with her life and is still grieving the death of her daughters. Will she let go of the guilt she is carrying from the past and allow Garrett to make her happy? Or will she lose her first real chance at love?
Madison is not the only one with struggling with the past. Garrett’s ex-girlfriend Sheila Bacall hears of his newfound success and comes back in the picture trying to regain what she thinks is rightfully hers. Once she learns that Garrett has moved on, she is determined to get Madison out of the picture by any means necessary. Will her attempt to force herself back in Garrett’s life work or will she push Madison and Garrett closer together? Come and take a ride with this cast of characters to see if Madison surrenders to Garrett’s love…



Lawlessly in Love 3: The Finale by Mercy B.

In the final installment of the highly desired trilogy, Sosa returns in the nick of time, with plans of salvaging what’s left of his and Gauge’s relationship as well as welcoming his daughter into the world. As life would have it, interference with Sosa’s plans arises with his arrival and shakes the core of his existence while simultaneously wreaking havoc on Gauge’s body.

What are you to do when the man you love is accused of murdering your best friend and during the most pivotal point of your life? Gauge is faced with the same question repeatedly as she watches Sosa surrender to her and become the man that she’s needed him to be since day one. His insatiable appetite and craving to oversee and administer the care of both her and baby Sophia is astounding. Frustration is second to astonishment because G wishes and waits for Sosa to return to his old ways so that she can hate him a little more, hurt him a little more, blame him a little more, and get over him a little faster. Yet he refuses to take the bait, remaining steadfast and reliant on their history and their daughter as his ammunition.



Every Now and Then: A Sexy Summer Romance by ML Brewington

Jaelyn Brandt is a self-made woman, always the good girl, and never rocking the boat. Now on the precipice of her fortieth birthday, she has asked herself where all the time went and was it worth the sacrifice of not truly living the life she dreamed of and enjoying the kind of love that makes your toes curl.

Malik Goodwin is a reformed player with the battle scars to prove it. He may have changed from his salacious ways, but he still likes to dabble in the reckless every now and then. Looking to settle into adulthood, Malik is searching for less stress and plain old romantic fun.

What happens when Jaelyn and Malik meet sets the scene for a summer sure to sizzle. Straitlaced meets wild child and the adventure begin.

“Summer is made for reigniting the romantic proclivities we all have with passion, heat, and laughter.”



Love Rekindled (All or Nothing Book 1) by Nyora René

(Previously published. This edition contains new content.)

NBA superstar Malcolm James has everything—fame, money, and two beautiful kids—but no woman to call his own. When his ex, Charmaine Mouton, arrives in Houston to sing the national anthem at the All-Star Game, he can’t help but remember all the good times they shared, and he’s determined not to let her get away again.

Five years ago, Charmaine Mouton made the difficult choice to pursue a singing career and lost the love of her life in the process. Now a successful recording artist, when she sees Malcolm again, she decides to reach for the life she left behind.

But relationships take work, and Malcolm and Charmaine will have to put in the work if they want their love to last the second time around.



Ready for Love (All or Nothing Book 2) by Nyora René

As manager to some of the country’s hottest stars, Denise Mitchell has it all and then some. Fabulous career? Check. Brownstone in SoHo, NYC? Check. Enviable lifestyle? Check. She works hard, plays even harder, and lives life to the fullest.

Enter NBA superstar Drew Smith. Fine as hell, down to earth, and the best sex she’s ever had. But Drew is ready to settle down and change his ways, and he’s set his sights on Denise Mitchell. She’s his every fantasy rolled into one luscious package. The problem? She’s determined to keep their relationship casual.

Well…we’ll see about that.


Love in the Ring: Round 1 by N.L. Hudson

Natalya Hicks is a 21 year old St. Louis native. Growing up she didn’t have a model life. Her father was absent and her young mother was barely there. However, despite her upbringing she was determined to rise above all obstacles and make something out of herself. Talya is in her last semester of college, and soon on her way to becoming a teacher. With all that going on, her focus is nowhere near a relationship. In her opinion all the guys from around her way are too full of games to garner her attention. Instead of getting caught up Talya tells herself that she will just wait until the perfect guy comes along. Little did she know that time would come a lot sooner than expected when her best friend Saadiq starts to express interest. This could be the perfect beginning to something beautiful right? It could be, except Natalya and Saadiq quickly realizes that things don’t always turn out as they want them to. Could these two best friends have their happily ever after, or will circumstances keep them apart?

All Saadiq Kamen wanted to do was become a professional boxer, and look out for those around him. When a chance in a lifetime opportunity is presented he quickly accepts the offer. Unfortunately before Saadiq can actually settle into his new lifestyle, a fatal tragedy occurs that throws everything off track. Saadiq’s back is now against the wall, and everything that he has worked so hard for in both his professional and personal life are at stake.
This is a tale of love, lies, deceit, and betrayal. Dive in to find out how everything will unfold.



Give Him Back 2: Kemp & Satin by B.M. Hardin

Have you ever done something that you wish you could take back?

Kemp and Satin are back in the U.S. and their marriage is about to be put to the test. It’s obvious that Lava has a piece of Kemp’s heart, and now Satin is working overtime just to keep them apart.
Still, Satin has a “job” to do. She has been assigned to yet another fool. Her duty was to make him, Dedrick, love her and steal his heart. And then steal his position, and tear his whole world apart. She just hadn’t expected Dedrick to be so perfect. So, she starts to question if what she’s doing to him is worth it.
Kemp’s heart and mind are at a tug-of-war. He might love Lava. But he loves Satin more. Still his choices start to cause problems that he didn’t expect. Things spiral out of control, and he isn’t prepared for what happens next.

Sometimes it’s too late. Someone is running out of time. No one will see it coming. And no one can stop this crime.
Love and lies. Truth comes out in the end.
You never know who’s watching.
Sometimes your worst enemy…is a “friend”.



Because of Destiny: A Christian Romance Story (Destiny and Faith Book 2) by Nikki Smith

Thirty-three-year-old Vanessa Morrison is a woman of God who’s trying to live a life that’s pleasing in the eyes of her Heavenly Father. But since she’s human, she’s not exactly perfect. Her greatest flaw is her lack of a forgiving heart, and deep down inside she knows this. When a saved, handsome, and charming blast-from-her-past finds his way back into her life, will this negative aspect of her character ruin her chances to receive a happily-ever-after?



Phresh & Nykee 2: Loving You Past the Pain by Bianca and BriAnn Danae

In disbelief of the turmoil in her life, Nykee finds herself at her breaking point. Up until now, she had been giving Phresh the benefit of the doubt and trusting him, but not anymore. With the way he called things off between them, to only discover the reason being Tati, Nykee calls it quits. She vows to never let another man play her for a fool, and that included Phresh.

Frustrated and angrier than ever, Phresh is trying his best to remain calm. Though he knows his mistakes, he can’t seem to stop making them. With Martinez hovering down his back, a father who shows his true colors, and a struggling relationship on the line, Phresh does the unthinkable. But he’s not the only one making bad decisions.

In the second installment of this drama-filled novel, secrets are revealed, family ties are broken, and loyalty is put to the test. With all the chaos brewing around them, Phresh is determined to show Nykee he is the man for her, but is she willing to let him?



Love Changes by Cabria


Love changes…Such a simple phrase, but one that holds so much meaning to it. The changes love can make you feel can be the most exciting or the most disappointing. For Asya Amar, she experienced this and had to learn the hard way with Marcus Mack. When she stumbled upon Marcus, he was a breath of fresh air for her for an entire year. Then an event occurred which exposed the double life Marcus had been living.

Using money, sex, and gifts, Marcus attempted to resolve their issues. Caught up in the euphoria of love, Asya made foolish decisions. Hoping she would be able to recapture what they once had, Asya and Marcus’s relationship became a revolving door.

Finally, unable to continue with the hurt and lies, Asya decides to move on. She finds happiness, but will it be short lived? Additionally, Asya has a secret of her own. In Love Changes, will Asya remain with Marcus no matter what he puts her through? Or will she realize that the change in their love has finally led them to the end? Find out in this romance roller-coaster.



Beauty After Brokenness 6 (Ashes to Beauty Series) by Kia Summers

Jordan and Brayden’s wedding are coming up fast and family drama has distracted them once again from planning their wedding. Jordan’s ex-sister-in-law Cherry and Brayden’s sister Diane, new boyfriend Dennis is added more drama and stress to this loving couple.

Jordan has to figure out what it is that Cherry wants, and Brayden is cautious of what Dennis wants with his sister Diane. Jordan feels that someone has been stalking her, and now her Lawyer confirmed her suspicions. She knows its Cherry because their relationship is like fire and ice. Meanwhile, Brayden thinks Dennis is just taking advantage of his big sister since Diane has kept him a secret for all these months. Truly, this man is not worthy to be with Diane!

What will happen with Brayden and Jordan’s Wedding? Will all this family drama block their blessings? Can God step in and make a way? Find out what happen in the final installment of Beauty After Brokenness!



If It’s Meant To Be by Eric D.

Tyrese and Candice’s relationship resembled the movie Love Jones, which also happens to be their favorite movie. Similar to the characters Darius and Nina in the movie, Tyrese and Candice also met at a club where there was an instant chemistry amongst them.

In the beginning of Darius and Nina’s relationship, they claimed to be just “kicking it.” Even though Tyrese and Candice fit the description of the perfect couple, they told everyone who asked about their relationship status that they were “just friends.” Eventually the heart wants what the heart wants, and being just friends (with benefits) wasn’t enough.

Darius and Nina’s relationship ended over a disagreement, and so did Tyrese and Candice’s match-made-in-Heaven relationship.

In movies, true love destiny always brings the main characters back together at the end. Darius and Nina rekindled their love before the credits rolled, but can Tyrese and Candice have the same love destiny? Especially now that Tyrese is…and Candice is about to…???



Sidelined: The Penalty by Bianca Williams

Fun, fast-paced, and filled with drama. Sidelined: The Penalty is the second installment of the sizzling Sidelined Series about love, friendships, and half-truths.

Sidelined by the very public news of a surprise engagement, the accomplished event planner Bryn Charles ends her unlikely love affair with her NFL superstar client, Shane Smith, and is determined to have a future without him.

Only, she fears it’s impossible.

She’s contracted to plan his next big event and inundated with non-stop news coverage of his record-breaking season. To make matters worse, she is struggling with a secret that she won’t be able to hide for much longer. But when an awful evening brings the seemingly sincere bad boy to her doorstep, Bryn is unable to turn him away.

Will she reveal her secret and stay true to herself, or will she play her position despite the tactics of a vengeful ex? Either way, she’ll have a hefty penalty to pay.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!


New Release Round-Up September 3rd-9th

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