Love’s Required was a passionate story with enough didactics to fill a decorative vase of reality. The first story in this series commenced with a commanding performance by both characters. Camille “Cami” Douglas and Logan Graham were an unintentional couple. Two broken souls both dealing with hurt and life’s trappings of loving and feeling lost. Cami was a kindergarten teacher who loved her students more than she loved herself and as a result, she became enraptured with a man who impacted her behavior. Once the man turned into someone unrecognizable, she moved on unwillingly with her life. The next step in the process was to decide whether to fulfill a scheme with unexpected consequences.
In the meanwhile, Logan ‘Angel’ Graham, the paramedic at the fire station, was on a collision course with fate. Camille’s introduction occurred in a previous story; she and Amare were best friends. When Logan responded to a call that involved someone he knew. He recounted the time he’d first met her at their mutual friend’s wedding. He recounted how vibrant and filled with joy she was when he last saw her. The beauty he’d wanted to get to know but later thought better of that idea once he observed her countenance during the festive occasion and every event after the first one. But we all know the heart has a mind of its own and despite his reticence, he pursued Cami. Angel was in his heart a savior and wanted to be that for Cami. That thought process was also part of his weakness. The pursuit and the chase became a conquest. He started out visiting Cami under the semblance of checking on her. Checking on her became dates and dates turned into a love thing. Along the way, Logan learned he was not a superhero, and he could not save the world. Cami learned that she deserved love and was worthy of love. The story was emotional, and quite an adventurous story to endure with infidelity, unrequited love, hopelessness, and in the end- Emancipation. Love was a required act, as they each received their redemption. The story deserved all 4.5 stars.

Review – Love’s Required (Love & Redemption Book 1), by Aja

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