Books that feature music and the entertainment industry usually are good starting points for me. Music is a focal point for many of us, and to have this as part of a fabulous set of stories was pure heaven.

When this author began the series a few years back, readers were instantly happily hooked like an addict as the stories amazed on many levels. Each edition had its own set of problems and featured some amazingly unique characters. Bam’s story might’ve sparked my interest the most. He was a multitalented and the enigmatic member of the infamous Prototype band. I’m sure others agree with this assertion.  Cassie, consequently, was the perfect match for this man’s persona. Cassie’s sweet and engaging personality drew them closer together as a duo. What’s not to love when Cassie’s the subject matter?

The author supplemented the series by adding newer dimensions to previous characters’ tale and giving readers a little auxiliary content to spice up this edition. Bam Moseley and Cassandra James had a slight connection from the time they first met. Cassie’s beauty and intelligence did not go unnoticed by Bam.  And as they began to spend time together, it’s obvious their chemistry was ethereal. The author told a bold story about this couple’s connection and evoked some mysterious vibes between them that meshed their souls, entranced, and encased readers into the account with a calculated vigor.  If you haven’t read the previous books in the series, I will encourage you to get on it. I am also hopeful this group of characters will ride again in some form or fashion in other stories. The band and these characters are too amazing to drift off into the sunset like an old B-movie Western. Asking for a friend, will readers get more of this goodness, Ms. Howard?  5 Stars!

Review – Loving Cassie (The Prototype Series Book 4), by Jacinta Howard

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