When I get an alert regarding a new Jenkins story, I prepare for the magnificence. But, Unplanned Love, wow! This was an exercise in excited delight. The complex storytelling by one of the premiere authors in the indie author community amazed me. The Jenkins family expanded beyond the feisty females over the years to include male cousins, each with an extreme hotness factor. The cousin of note carried this story akin to the mighty Zeus hoisting his lightning bolt in the air in a declaration of defiance. Liam chose Charlee as his ideal woman. Liam knew precisely what he wanted and went after her. The relationship changed as his unfulfilled love for Charlee stung after their breakup.
Charlee made his task of forgetting her harder when she came back. Charlee once spurned Liam over career advancement. Years later, she changed her mind and wanted him back. She wanted a husband. The thing to remember, she had her chance, and maybe if she thought about his feelings in totality, rather than in snippets back then, better chances might prevail. And poor Liam—could he handle being hurt again by the woman he once loved? Over time we’ll see, he still loved her. The explosive nature of their once intimate relationship haunted them until she wore down his defenses to gain his forgiveness. The couples happily ever after story was a great addition to the Jenkins Family Construction storyline. 5-Stars!

Review – Unplanned Love (Jenkins & Sons Construction Series Book 4), by Sharon C. Cooper

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