Profit and money should be synonymous with success and that was the profile for this story. That was also the name of the leading characters in the story. The author’s reputation for the unique names her character hold is an attractive feature in each story.  The author warned readers to be ready for the unexpected appeal of a man named Prophet. She also told us to expect the same level of charm in Money. After Prophet served his time and started getting back into his life, he and his girl Money would be a formidable pair in this story.

The couple met the first time by happenstance, and the connection was blaring with whistles and bells after only a brief encounter and kiss. I determined that the kind of mojo this man had that he could kiss and compel longing in one lip-lock was lethal weapon hot. The story showed his absence did not make her heart lose its magic. So, now, fast-forward a few years, and the spark was back. His reemergence did not prepare for the scene at the restaurant. That scene was excellent written materials for guffawing and side-splitting goodness, as Prophet showed why he needed watching and admiration. The man had skills. His connection to Money will take a few turns and detours that will add some oomph to the storyline.  Mercy B. is on her game. 4.8 Stars.

Review – Money is The Motto, by Mercy B.

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