Heart’s Desire: Unparalleled Love Series by Delaney Diamond

Readers I am a sucker for a second chance love story! Nathan Crenshaw and Janice Livingston were co-workers who’d once shared a past relationship. After the relationship fizzled, they still worked for the same company and needed to remain professional for the sake of their respective careers. Have you ever broken up with your person, and then been forced to see one another every day? Yeah, that wasn’t a comfortable feeling, was it?  So, imagine the couple having to endure this daily and still have affections for one another. Nathan’s hidden desires to have Janice in his life once again were torturous. She warily harbored the same torment.

The defining moment for them was the day of their kiss. That kiss changed their dynamic once again. Having their lips connecting on such an intimate level was the game-changing event in their lives. The electric energy between them helped to make this story a sure page turner. My Kindle was on fire from the sparks this pair emitted. I cheered for them to make it back to the loving side, and to stop expecting their feelings to evaporate like rainwater in crevices. A few times, I wasn’t sure I liked Nathan, but after his accident and his painful experience, you’ll see a different side of him. He will redeem himself in your heart. Some of his actions will make more sense once you look at the full scope of the trials taking place in his life during that time. Janice’s reaction to his situation will make you proud of her actions. The relationship rebuilding is nicely detailed in the story. The chemistry was enough to understand their heart’s desire. For the series and collaboration, once again, the authors did a great job melding each story into the series with a flourish. It was an excellent collaboration series for 5 Stars.


Everlasting Desire: The Unparalleled Love Series by Stephanie Nicole Norris

The pairing in this collaboration was a thing of beauty. Although each story read as a standalone novel, the connections to the other stories was executed with precision. The authors’ different styles excelled, and the finished products- a triple threat.

In the third book (based on the order in which I read each book), this couple was fun. Not just a tiny smidge, but a whole handful. So, I’ll dive into the story. When Jada Wilson’s man cheated, this was the last straw for their relationship. Her ex’s expiration date passed many moons ago. Jada finally took the time to throw out the spoiled man, much like the bacteria covered lasagna in the back of the refrigerator. Her housemates told her time and again to let him go his way. I noticed something about the break-up; her feelings didn’t hurt too much over their relationship’s demise. However, Jada and her best friend Solomon McBride had a close connection, and a doozy of a secret that they didn’t openly share. What if the best friends of many years harbored feelings for one another greater than friendship? And will we get to see them fight to fall in love with one another or fear messing up their friendship? Okay, I’m going to say this for the last time. If he is my friend and our feelings requited, I’m going to get the D, and then move on with our lives as either friends or lovers. End of story.  But, it’s fun to see the couple trip over one another to eventually give in to the relationship in the end.

Jada and Solomon’s chance at love included having their close friends around and all the tomfoolery associated with three couples in the collaboration series bonding. Each story was pure joy to read about the couple’s love connections. Jada had the most spunk, and the bad girl/good girl attitude to envy her tenacity. And Solomon is the king he’s named for; showed his powerful force as one to reckon with. Together this team made magically delicious like the Lucky Charm cereal used to say… 5 Stars!


Soul’s Desire: Unparalleled Love Series by Sharon C. Cooper

 Have you noticed that I love a mystery/romantic suspense story? Here is one by one of the best in the business in this genre. Soul’s Desire was part of a collaboration series with two other authors. I read this one first, just because. Soul’s story was a second chances novel. In this story, Soul Carrington opened a dance studio in her hometown living out one of her dreams. We met her brother Myles in a previous series, and his brief appearance was beautiful. Myles cajoled Micah Olsen into looking out for his little sister in his planned absence. Myles is that overprotective brother who trusts only certain people to care for his little sis. And since Micah was an Atlanta Police Office, yes, she would be okay with him. It looks like Myles did not recall that Micah and Soul once shared a romantic entanglement when he made the call for backup.

Soul and Micah’s descriptions were mouth-watering. Old friends/former lovers was an excellent plot. That was the perfect angle to ensure Micah kept Soul out of harm’s way. The threat Myles needed help with involved Soul’s former ex’s unaccounted activities. The opportunity for Micah came quickly to prove his protective instincts for Soul.  Alas, the author added a little lightness to the story with the ancillary characters filling those spots. Micah’s mom was too much fun. Ms. Olsen was a baddie, an OG, and she knew it. I loved her relationship with Micah. The same for Soul’s housemates Jada and Janice, whom you’ll get an in-depth introduction through the rest of this series.

Micah and Soul’s relationship’s progression was believable since they’d had a past connection, and the chemistry never waned for either. Once Micah released himself from bondage inside his head, he claimed Soul as his own and their natural desires swelled like molten lava. The couple’s chemistry and sexual desires were hotter than the embers of a volcanic eruption. You will laugh, experience emotional moments, and then you will cheer, as Soul’s desires met with Micah’s aspirations and detonated on impact. The story was excellent! 5.0+ Stars.

Review – The Unparalleled Love Series, by Delaney Diamond, Stephanie Nicole Norris, & Sharon C. Cooper

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