When a new book by this author drops, I am ready and raring to go with my one-click finger. The St. Clair men are some of my favorite characters to date. The men are decisive, aggressive, aggravating, arrogant, powerful, overly protective, and the best partners a girl could ask for. The new cousins are an added treat to the storyline. Montgomery St. Clair was another complex character with many of the same traits as Magnus. And that is saying a lot because I loved that guy.

Monty’s story was mighty tasty and quite enjoyable. His alpha male persona was super cool. The description of Monty was real. The lady he chose for his best girl was not like him. He was a rich dude with an arrogant streak, and she was from modest living. The two had more in common than one would expect from two opposites. I liked the fact that Cherish did not care about Monty’s wealth. Monty started the story as a number one jerk. Throughout this tale, Cherish taught Monty about being a better person. The backstory explaining how Monty’s connected to the St. Clairs was both sadness and happiness. Sadness with the way the boy’s separation affected their lives, and delight with the way the family came together to support him. Seeing Regal (my favorite), Royal, Ramsey, Romulus, Magnus, and the wives is always a joy. The story was a joy- 4.8 stars.

Review – Monty (A St. Claire Novel Book 6), by Tina Martin

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