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Strong Loving (Strong Family Book 9) by Niobia Bryant

In the ninth installment of her much-loved Strong Family series, bestselling author Niobia Bryant delivers a new “Sexy, Funny and Oh So Real” romance novella about pulling a broken marriage from the flames and fighting for real love…

Kaleb Strong and his wife, Zaria, beat the odds of a May/December relationship and their different personalities (he’s serious and she’s playful) to find their happily ever after with each other. Some years have passed and some of the romance has faded. As she nears the eve of her birthday, Kaleb’s coolness and distance over the last year has Zaria worried that their fifteen-year age gap has finally taken their toll—especially when a beautiful and much younger journalist seems to be vying for his attention.

When Zaria moves out of their family home with their small children and begins a new life without him, Kaleb knows he has to reveal the secret behind his distance in their marriage and fight once more to prove to Zaria that his love for her is stronger than ever and age is still nothing but a number…



The Sweetest Love (For Keeps Book 2) by D. Rose

Malik Thompson had it all. He was at the height of his basketball career, had every endorsement he sought after, and women vying for his love. Even with all the good in his life, the one thing he was missing and wanted more than anything was the woman he’d loved since childhood – his best friend, Selimah.

Selimah Wilkerson was a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry. When she wasn’t storming the runway modeling the finest in couture designs, she was working with non-profits to help underprivileged girls. She, too, was at the height of her career and had no plans on slowing or settling down. That was until she surrendered to her ever-growing feelings for her best friend, Malik.

Since the tender age of five, they’d been the best of friends. Back then, the loved they shared was sweet and innocent, as they were unaware of how complex and complicated love could be. Now older, and well versed in relationships, they decide now was the time to give their love a chance. Their road to love would be anything but easy as they navigate through skeletons, rumors, and unrelenting exes.

Can Selimah and Malik put their pride aside and fight for love? Or will they continue to allow fear to keep them apart…

The Sweetest Love is book two in the For Keeps series and can be read as a standalone.



Enamored by Kat Cole

Emory is your average, dull woman who doesn’t want anything to change in her life. Her friends are always in her ear telling her to go out and enjoy herself, but Emory isn’t trying to hear it. She owns her own book store and she would rather not waste her time with men.
The first time she lays eyes on Gavin, she can see his good looks, but she’s not interested. The second time she sees him, she embarrasses herself and it’s almost as if he looks even better than he did the first time. The third time they run into each other feels like destiny, or maybe even fate.
Emory doesn’t want to give any man the time of day because her last boyfriend broke her heart, but will she get out of that for Gavin and give him a chance?



A Love Interrupted by Cherish Amore

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.
-Richard Bach

Kaylen and Camden never imagined themselves together, but after one phone call leads them to their introduction, they became inseparable. Falling in love almost instantly, they were perfect for each other—almost too perfect. The pair is on cloud nine, but Camden’s sisters feel like Kaylen just isn’t enough, and they’re on a mission to end their fairy-tale relationship, by any means necessary.

Interrupted by hate and reunited by fate, can their love be saved once they’re reunited, or will it remain interrupted?

For Kaylen and Camden, falling in love is easy, and staying together is hard.



Money is the Motto by Mercy B.

Prepare to be ambushed by the irresistible, unbelievably enticing Prophet. His spell isn’t able to be escaped so easily. Money Malaya Richardson is able to attest to the fact.

“Love, this is a custom Chanel piece. You don’t wear custom Chanel to three-star restaurants. The earrings alone were $2,500. It’s niggas in here wishing upon a star for that $2,500 to fall out of the sky right now and would do just about anything to get it. Here you are, ready to – unknowingly – hand it to them.” Prophet shoved his hands into both of his pockets to keep himself in line. Tittering, he leaned in, again, and asked, “Money, you trying to get me sent back upstate from bodying one of ‘em about you?”

“Please,” she sneered.

“You’re killing me, Money. I’m standing on half-buffed floors in front of people who don’t deserve either of our presence and you’re as dazzling as I imagined. Walking out of that door will be harder than the two years I just did. However, your comfort will always be the mission and Money will always be the motto.” Reaching his full potential in height, Prophet buttoned the single button that he’d undone upon reaching Money.



12 Rounds for Love by Shatara Michelle

“The heart does things for reasons that reason will never know.” – Blaise Pascal

Granger Maddox knew heartbreak more than she cared to admit. With unresolved issues surrounding the disappearance and death of her dearest friend, she finds herself planted in motion, with one focus. Justice. Justice fueled her every move. Justice that she thought would feed her spirit, replenish her soul, and rid her of the guilt she’d harbored for 22 years. Blinded by the brim of her white hat, she goes deep undercover, but an assailant ambushes her justice crusade with a pursuit more powerful than justice. Love.

Maik Wakefield is a retiree with nothing but time and money on his hands. With an ageless eye to unequivocally spot raw talent, he cultivates natural born fighters. An unlikely encounter lands him in the presence of his greatest contender; Granger. Where he once could spot a gem in a pile of hard rocks, he’s forced to apply the pressure.

Two unsuspecting workaholics, Granger and Maik both know that the impact of life’s punches can leave you distorted and stumbling, but you can always bounce back. What they don’t know is that when love is on the ropes, all bets are off.



Words with Friends: A Mason Family Novella by AshleyNicole

She’s offering to teach him a few things. He’s willing to learn. Can a few words and a little bit of “trouble” turn into something more?



Promise Me A Dream (Decades: A Journey of African American Romance Book 7) by Wayne Jordan

Chandra Williams’s dream of becoming an actress carries her from her home on Barbados to the bright lights of Broadway. But it’s the 1960s, and her goal of gracing the stage is obstructed by the limited opportunities for black actresses. Driven to help end discrimination and inequality, Chandra joins the Civil Rights movement.

Joel Donovan doesn’t understand the need for the Civil Rights movement. His life of privilege has sheltered him from the struggles of the black community. However, he’s intrigued by the courage and commitment of the beautiful immigrant from Barbados. Their attraction is immediate and powerful, and Joel is persuaded to join the movement.

When their efforts result in Joel’s freedom being challenged, Chandra gives him her unwavering support, but can their growing love survive the racial tensions and conflicts of the times?



The Only One: A Romance by Somi Ekhasomhi

An old love…

…or a new passion.

Hope has never forgiven Charles for the pain he caused her when he married someone else, but when he shows up in her life, separated and contrite, she is tempted to accept his apologies.

But then there’s Daniel, who is handsome, successful and sexy, with a smile that lights up her insides. He’s the perfect man, as long as she’s prepared to let go of her feelings for Charles.

With her heart on the line, will Hope choose the past, or allow herself to fall for someone new?



Training My Heart to Love You by Monica Walters

Kortlynn Hebert has learned how to be positive in every situation. Growing up in a single-parent home, her mother taught her how to love herself and to have self-respect. That was an important lesson, especially for a plus-sized woman. Kortlynn realized early that the person that should love her the most was herself, however, that didn’t keep her warm at night. It didn’t softly kiss her lips. Loneliness is prevalent in her life, but that doesn’t make her desperate. While there had been relationships with men, they just didn’t measure up. Not wanting to be a notch on anyone’s belt, Kortlynn chooses the path of celibacy and focuses even more on herself. Until one day, out of the blue, this angel drops right in front of her. While she is skeptical of his motives, she’s in awe of his good looks and pleasant personality. She meets Zayson Ardoin in a professional atmosphere, but things soon turn personal.

Zayson Ardoin, a country boy that possesses an urban swag, has been coasting through life, not knowing love. He lives day to day training horses for rodeo events and breaking somewhat wild horses so they can be ridden. Indulging in the single life for a while, he decides he’s tired of random women and the drama that comes with them. He puts all his energy into his work and he’s content being alone. He chooses celibacy versus dealing with a woman that he doesn’t see himself developing a relationship with. Fate must be on his side when he ends up face to face with Kortlynn Hebert. He’s always liked his women thick and she fits the bill perfectly. While trying to keep things professional, he fails miserably, and begins a chase that he intends on winning.

Kortlynn and Zayson have a lot in common, but the main thing they agree on is that they are both too old to play games. However, the people they find themselves surrounded by don’t seem to follow the same mantra. Will the interferences of people they love keep them from developing the relationship they both long for? Do they have the strength and desire to persevere regardless of the games people play?



Heart Full of Love: A Novella by Kat Cole

While Hazel is living it up in California, she has no idea what’s going on in her hometown with her family. Feeling like she’s been away from them for too long, she decides to come down and surprise them, only to get surprised herself with the news she receives from her younger sister.
Stressed out and not knowing what to do, things start to get a little better when an associate that she used to attend high school with shows up and has her ready to risk it all…



Fingers on His Soul (The Memphis Hoodlum Standalone Series Book 2) by B. Love

Montana Moon doesn’t play – especially when it comes to the women in his life. One minute, he can be brash, outspoken, and possessive and the next… a protector, calm, and diplomatic. For all of his life, Montana has sought to fill the voids in his heart because of the absence of his parents. He’d rather have a roster of women than rely on just one to give him the attention, affection, and validation he craves. And that has always been okay… until Anastasia challenges him.

Anastasia Patrick has always had a crush on her best friends’ brother, Montana. Over the years, that crush turned into infatuation, infatuation became admiration, admiration nurtured respect, and respect bloomed love. One night between the two teaches Anastasia a hard lesson – when a person shows you who they are, believe them – and after years of pining over Montana, she finally decides to let him go.

But… fate decides to play a cruel joke on them, binding them together in the most permanent way possible. Will Montana make Anastasia regret the love she’s wasted on him, or will she be the ultimate motivation for him to reach his full potential as she softens the hoodlum with her fingers on his soul?



Out of the Shadows: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 4 by Natasha D. Frazier

A year after Rico’s death, Chloe is still working to piece her life back together after learning of his betrayal and sickness. Though she wants to be with Shane, she senses that it may be too soon to move on, given that she is broken inside. After recommitting her life to God, she learns to love again, but just when she thinks she’s over the past, Raegan resurfaces. Rico’s lies initially introduced them to one another, but Chloe’s mother has an even bigger lie that has remained hidden for over thirty years. Can Chloe handle it? Will she allow yet another secret to keep her from experiencing the love that Shane is so willing to give?

If she allows God to mold her heart, out of the shadows of her pain will come love, forgiveness and a sense of peace unlike she’s ever known.



Finding Love by Marlow Hill

Chauncey Darmin has devoted most of his life to build the perfect career, except he has no one to share his life with. Can he find his true love, or will he have to settle for a married woman?



Can’t Resist This Complicated Love by Kay Shanee

Why is love always so complicated?

Reese Walter knows what’s good for her, that is, until fate introduces her to Jacori Johnston. Their earth stopping attraction to each other must be denied or everything they know could come crumbling down. One night of weakness and soul-stirring passion is left behind, until life draws them together again, four years later.

The love they had for each other remains, but when secrets are revealed, it leaves one of them praying for forgiveness and the other trying to decide if this complicated love is worth the fight.



Free Yourself by Nek Hickmon


Life for Deion has never been easy she was raised by a mother who never gave her anything besides hard times.

Deion tries so hard to be a good person but life keeps throwing her curveballs. When Deion finally meets someone who gives her everything he instantly becomes her Prince Charming until things dramatically change and he becomes her worst nightmares overnight. Through everything Deion goes through will she be able to handle the pressure of life or will she fold? In this fast pace Novella, you will see life from Deion’s point of view.



The Legends of Wantonda: Volume 1 by Akil Victor

Linda Asami is beautiful, cunning, and ruthless. The daughter of Japanese nobility whose deep knowledge and love for her country leads her into a secret governmental service. A service that required her to be just as deadly as she was sexy. Extracting information and issuing murder if necessarily fit. Then, one assignment in particular involving an African American businessman and senator named Malcom Johnstone threw everything into question. She found herself pregnant and falling for a man she was instructed to kill. A murder she had every intention of carrying out until he proposed to her under the most dire circumstances and made her realize that a life without love was not a life worth living. Yet, her employers had different plans in mind. Which leads Linda to find herself on the wrong side of the gun and sword with Malcom perishing the same.
After being made into a fugitive and forced into exile for fear of her life and the child she carried within, Linda finds herself deep in rural Japan giving birth to a love child she would name Wantonda.
From the moment she learned how to walk and so forth, Wantonda is educated, taught hard work, and multiple forms of martial arts. However it is through a love of books and seldom views of television that she develops a desire to see the United States. Not knowing that her dream for America would come true in the form of a nightmare when her mother’s whereabouts are discovered by the same organization she was once a top operative of. At the age of ten, Wantonda’s training would be put to the test and innocence shattered as she is on hand to fight for her life and that of her mother’s in the wake of multiple murders that would see them flee for the shores of Los Angeles.
It is in the streets of L.A. that Wantonda would grow, learn the ways of the world, discover who she is and realize that her mother was right: No matter where they’d go, they’d never be safe. She was born with a set fate and as more bloodshed and loss occurs, she would come to realize that the only path awaiting her is the path of vengeance.


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New Release Round-Up August 19th-25th

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