I may have missed this author’s work in the past, but going forward, I’ll pay closer attention to her books. Based on the snippet from the author’s ‘about the story’ section, I could tell it would be a damsel in distress rescued by the hero type of story; but it was nothing like the billionaire books out there. Walker Black’s family owned a profitable book publishing company, and he was at the helm when he learned about a clause in his grandfather’s will. Iesha Bell had planned a much different life and felt as though she did not live up to her recently deceased mother’s expectations. .  This tale sought to see if the hero could keep his rightful role as CEO in his family business without having to lose his heart in the process.

The first time Walker Black met Iesha Bell, he was rude, I wanted to throat punch him. The next few times he saw her, his actions were very different. He needed her to attain a goal he’d planned for his lifetime. . If he was offering sperm as a bargaining chip, well…. the way the author described Mr. CEO Hottie, I was ready to untie my parts to see if I could help a brother out. Just a thought.

Iesha wasn’t the most forceful person, so when Walker bulldozed his way into her life, I expected her to be the placemat where he served his wishes. I hated the way she always second-guessed herself around Walker. And the sisters also needed a throat punch and a beat down because of the way they treated their sister. The family dynamics in the story was yet another feature adding more angst to the story. Walker and Iesha ’s physical attraction for one another and chemistry were nice. I would have liked a stronger persona for Iesha, but that wasn’t her image as the author envisioned for her. Overall, the story held my attention and kept me engaged. I gave the story 4.5 stars.


Review – My Future with You (Fostering Love Series Bk 1), by Carla Buchanan

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