The queen of nice naughty did it again. What I mean is the author tells a naughty tale nicely and with a blush and blink added. Hold up! Did I say blush? Well, you got the gist of what I meant. Hot, hot hot! The story began with a sexy scene that had this reviewer doing triple-double take while wearing a ginormous grin. The events already passed when the story opened, yet there was still enough going on to imagine the events as though they were happening before my eyes. Justin was right on time to bring Nedra the best loving the two had ever experienced. Once she was able to let her sorry-a former lover Darryl go, Nedra was in for the ride of her life. When I say ride, the girl did she ever ride Justin like a brand-new stallion with a glorious tool. Did I mention his name was Justin Steele? The gift for Christmas kept going and giving as the man showed Nedra what a Merry Christmas looked like and what a Happy New Year would feel like in the arms of a real man. Naughty and nice! 5 Stars.

Review – Naughty: An Erotic Christmas Novella, by Sabrina B. Scales

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