The title for this story was the hook for this reviewer. The cover model was sexy too. I liked the way the story started with a jolt of energy and kept building as the story evolved and rambled down a suspenseful path. Lola was left to fend for herself when her mother decided she did not want her. After being in one foster family after another, she finally found her way to Uncle Derrick’s home to stay. It was sad Uncle Derrick died in the early stages of the story, and from that point, Lola was entrenched in her need to understand what happened with her beloved uncle. She had a difficult time coming to terms with her uncle’s relationship with his live-in girlfriend, and the mystery-shrouded as part of the story in relations to her uncle. The author did a great job telling the story and feigning some details in the story as unimportant, especially when every page held many secrets.

When Khalil met Lola, he could not reason that a woman being so beautiful could also be a hot-headed mess. Readers will learn, Khalil once served as a mentee of her Uncle Derrick. So, naturally, Khalil was determined to help Lola find the person responsible for his mentor’s demise. Khalil worked feverishly to get Lola to accept his heart as he worked with her to solve her uncle’s mysterious death. Neither Lola nor Khalil was willing to give the other their all. They were two peas in a pod with their heartstrings snug in a locked crypt. Khalil tugged at Lola’s heart, and she resisted at every turn. The eventual scenario came to fruition when the two gave in to their passion for one another. The story ended with a cliffhanger, and I’ll be back to see what happened. Hopefully, Ms. Foxx has finished the second part. The story was a good mystery with a lot of drama and mayhem thrown in for good measure. I liked the story’s flow and the character development. The tale ended after reaching the highest peak of enjoyment. The story deserved 4.5 Stars. Give the story a try and come back for the next installment. Capiche?

Review – A Chick Named Lola, by Xuri Foxx

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