I think this author is determined to have me read every book she’s written. If the cover was an indication of how well the story would flow; I was ready to give it a whirl. Not only was the cover’s eye candy delightful, but his character was also just as charming.  The story featured Camilla Augustina and Hunter Valentine. This new addition to the author’s list of great novels was spot on fabulous.

Camilla and Hunter met after her first day as a news anchor for a local TV station.  The two shared what might be well-defined as an erotic breakfast. You’ll have to read for yourself to see just how tantalizing the author described the way they shared breakfast together. I’m still licking my fingers in the aftermath.  Little did they know at the time, the two were neighbors at the same affluent highrise complex a few doors down from one another.  Readers of the previous Rose brother’s series will hear a snippet about Jordan and his feud with Hunter. The primary focus was Camilla hearing about Hunter’s women and trying to talk herself out of wanting to be one of those women. And when they started to go on dates, she always found a way to keep him from learning her true address. That part of the story was too funny. I also liked the way Camilla spoke out loud to herself. She was constantly talking herself off the ledge to steer clear of Hunter’s temptation.

Ancillary characters also must make an impression on the story for my stamp of approval. Corrine brought out the big guns with her portrayal as the best friend and supporter of Camilla getting her back blown out by Hunter.  And yes, Corrine got her very own hot Valentine brother. The Valentine Septuplets pieces will no doubt be a fascinating collection of stories, as the first book was well done. The other Valentine brothers added more good looks to the storyline. I can’t get over the man on the cover. That brother had me licking my lips and preening. I know, it’s hard to think. But, back to the book. The story flowed well, it was believable, and the chemistry between the couples was terrific. The next story can’t come fast enough. I am so ready for round two. Overall, the novel hit all of the critical points I needed to give it high marks. So, I gave this novel 4.8 stars for the exceptional materials presented for my grateful consumption.

Review – No Holds Barred (In the Heart of a Valentine Book 1), by Stephanie Nicole Norris

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