Book two in the anticipated instant chemistry second part of the series was magnificent. Readers of the first book met Mika and Robert and witnessed their ultra-intense relationship anytime the two occupied the same space for more than a few seconds. The problem was they shared best friends who’d married, and the two rivals were then forced to be in the others company more frequently than they desired. That part of the story was fun and extremely comical to watch. The two endeavored to navigate around the other like sharks waiting to attack its prey. Mia was Robert’s prey, but she wasn’t interested in being devoured in the murky waters after he swam away seeking another casualty of his charm.
Mika and Robert did not appear to have a single attribute in common other than mutual best friends. Mika was carefree and flighty, and Robert was methodical and calculating. So, what would compel a reader to believe this match could ever work? Well, the story had another side the author explored and revealed a page turn at a time. As the story unfolded, the characters images personified brilliantly through the writers’ vision for the story. Readers had a chance to see Robert from his point of view as the writer wove his plans for Mika. Because Mika had some familial differences, he could not readily relate, and at times, that was part of their struggles.
What happened in Vegas at their best friend’s wedding spilled over once they were back home in Michigan. After returning home, they spent a lot of time with mutual friends and tried to downplay the heated events from Vegas. The back and forth was funny especially with Robert’s male cousin’s newfound friendship with Mika. The things Mika and Robert had in common made the attraction more evident. A female version of Robert was the best way to describe Mika’s love of sports. The way she required him to do things he would normally refuse to acknowledge or accept was the other point to ponder. I liked power they each held over the heart of the other.
The kisses and then eventual togetherness were a long road for this pair. In the end, the chemistry overtook them, and they had only to relinquish the obstacles in their path. Book two was a nice wrap to the first story. It would be wonderful to read about this close-knit familial connected group of friends in future books. 4.5 Stars

Review – Not My Type: Instant Chemistry Series Book 2, by Taylor Love

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