The first story in which this character appeared, I was smitten from the start. Regal St Clair had a complex personality and a sweet side. He always dressed to the nines and kept it real. From the very start, it was clear to anyone with a set of eyes; Regal had a huge crush and royally smitten with Felicity. I knew his story would have this reviewer laughing at his crazy comments, and I also knew he would likely have me in my feeling. His love for Felicity made him act out and act up. His love was all over his face, and it’s not clear why WB, as he called her, among many other pet names was blind to his feelings. For real, why couldn’t she see his heart? Readers could.
So, here’s the way their story evolved. Readers should be happy that this was the last brother’s story to explore. Due to the complexity of his character, it was nice to see the way his love and affection for Felicity grew. The story fit the enemies to lovers mold. The time frame of this tale gave readers a chance to see their love magnify into a swell of passion over a longer period. It was a pleasure to see Regal get his girl, and the comical way he accomplished this feat made the story worth the wait. The author did not disappoint readers. Regal lived up to expectations, and Felicity finally let her hair down.
When Regal decided to set an appointment with Felicity to have her find him a woman to love and marry; I knew the story would shine. Okay, fair warning readers, you will laugh yourself silly with his process to get his girl. The way he answered the questionnaire, it was hilarious! On a more somber note, the backstory with what made Regal always appear happy to most people made for compelling drama. Additionally, Felicity’s story was emotionally draining. It was evident something more complex lay beneath the surface of his always effervescent personality, and her guarded persona. The details associated with Felicity’s personality had an equally appealing side story. On a lighter note, each brother played a part in the other brother’s story, as did the sisters and their friends. It was a joy to see the couple come to the realization they always cared deeply for the other and likely loved one another from the start of the second series. The author stated in her wrap up that she wasn’t certain if this was the last of the St. Clair novels, and I pray they keep talking to her to give readers more of these very special men and the women they love deeply and with great passion. 5 Stars!

Review – Regal (A St. Claire Novel Book 4), by Tina Martin

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