Many of you know how much I love a romantic suspense story and let me tell you this author writes some of the best. He is in my top five. The title had me pinned to my kindle ready for the action to ensue because I knew with the synopsis and the title the story would be extra dope. The story was exciting, exhilarating, and packed a ginormous punch. In the story, Pierre Manning, cool name, by the way, was in love with his long-term lady friend Yvette Bridges. Yvette was a college professor with two college-aged young adult children. Both liked Pierre and were used to him being around them after all the years, he’d been in a relationship with their mother.

Pierre had grown up in not so ideal circumstances and later pulled himself out that position to have a distinguished military career. His current role as a highly regarded architect at his firm was downright commendable. His travels took him all over the world for his business, and lately, he’d grown tired of the trips and was ready to settle down with his lady. Pierre believed for him and Yvette to move forward he would have to let her in on his little secret and then let the chips fall. Any mystery or suspense reader knew the author would not let the couple off the hook that easily. Mr. Glenn did us a favor and gave us double the drama and twice the intrigue. The story was a rough ride over rocky terrain, and it was delightful. I loved every twist, turn, and sharp curve. 5 Stars!

Review – One Last Hit, by Roy Glenn

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