I think I’ve mentioned once before that this is an author to watch in 2019. Her writing and storytelling have matured with each new release. What The Heart Wants is the fourth book in the College Daze series. Reading the previous books will help to understand the plot better and should be taken under advisement. Simone was the girl from the other side of the tracks where having two cars, and a more substantial home was the norm. She could by all accounts be considered ‘spoiled.’ When she found herself stranded on the wrong side of town, where she met Isaac, a resident of the blighted neighborhood, her perception only changed slightly. Unfortunately, Simone rarely ventured to that part of the city until that ill-timed day when her car betrayed her. Her goal was to find her missing mother, whose car was abandoned in the neighborhood. Her encounter with Isaac bordered on aggravation and relief. Aggravation because the man was a sight to behold, and relief because despite his ill-mannered ways, he saved her from an imminent attack by men who targeted her as an outsider. Simone quickly became their prey. Her attire alone gave away the fact that she did not belong in their mix. Isaac’s gruff demeanor did not garner endearments from Simone at that time. Later, when she discovered the things they had in common, the attraction between them was difficult to ignore. Isaac did not have the most carefree life, but he was earnest in his desire to be more than his surroundings. Once Simone was able to see beyond his circumstances, they made a splendid couple. Their connection was nicely detailed with a sexy vibe intertwined. Their story was also a perfect conclusion to the College Daze series. Some of the previous characters made an appearance in the story to add to the storyline. A most enjoyable read. 5 Stars.

Review – What The Heart Wants (College Daze Book 4), by Danielle Burton

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