Many of you who’ve read the first book in the Connecticut Kings series will remember Nate-Used-to-be-a-Twit Richardson. You will also recall that he’s the twin brother to Nicole Richardson-Johnson. I was ecstatic; almost elated to learn he was a pleasant guy underneath the bluster we witnessed in the first story. A Christina C. Jones novel always features a strong female character and a male of compatible stature. Those attributes in her characters represent her “calling card,” and they are the principal reasons we find her books so appealing.

In this story, Nate was in love with an older woman. Nate’s slightly-older love-interest worked for his family’s organization. Screeching with glee as I say this, Sloane was the receivers coach for his family’s NFL team! She’d proven herself a success story in her career as she’d won championships at all levels. Now, Sloane’s tasked with bringing another measure of success to the Connecticut Kings franchise. She’d inherited a talented roster of receivers with standout Jordan Johnson as her star athlete, and a new kid with talent and attitude. But this story was about Sloane and Nate. Although Sloane was several years older than Nate, he was a perfect match. Nate loved Sloane passionately. They were each driven to success and would accept nothing less than their collective best. The drive and determination for success nearly had a profound effect on Sloane, and because Nate loved his woman, any problems she faced affected him as well. Their story revealed the relationship encompassed more than I imagined for two public figures.

This couple’s love connection and chemistry were astounding to witness. Jordan, Cole, and others added vigor once again to allow us to luxuriate as Connecticut Kings fans. I know the story was only make-believe but, it was a treat getting to see a successful female perform at the top of her game. I was for real proud. Enamored with Sloane and Nate’s sexual relationship, it was easy to love this couple. Their vibe was steamylicious. I’ll hate to see them float into the sunset as this final installment was magnificent. It’s hard to give up these characters, and I hope to see them again in someone’s story. The uniqueness in the way Christina delivers each character is noteworthy. A Brilliantly Written Story! 5+ Stars.

Review – Pass Interference (Connecticut Kings Book 6,) Christina C. Jones

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