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I Get Lost In Your Love (#Dirty30Shorts Book 2) by Deshon Dreamz

Book TWO
Men love hard.
They get hurt.
It changes them.
#Dirty30 & Get Laid in Vegas.
That was the plan. That was the entire plan and ExZhia Bishop had prepped her mind and body to be completely in line with the plan. She decided that she would leave her morals; common sense and decency back home in Dallas and just go for it. Determining that she only lived once, and turned thirty once. She wanted to do something brazen and completely out of character for her and she had her plan. That was until a morning run turned into an accident that shifted her plans as well as her life in a way that threatened to ruin her birthday and her opportunity to sow her wild oats.
Daniel is in a weird space, one that he dreads deeply and wishes to be delivered from. Divorce is hard in itself but the added level of betrayal he was experiences made him feel broken in more ways than he can verbalize. He had to shake back and in order to do that; his close friends conclude that a spontaneous trip to Vegas is the thing that he needs.
Two paths that constantly cross are surely meant to be tangled in some way. Right?
I Get Lost In Your Love is a witty four-part short, fun-filled love story about pain, growth and the journey of love.



Regal (A St. Claire Novel Book 4) by Tina Martin

His eyes would always follow her signature strut with her tall heels and fitted dresses. He always had something witty to say with her because he just HAD to say something. But the small talk was no longer cutting it. He wanted to know the real Felicity James.

Regal St. Claire isn’t single because someone broke his heart. He never desired marriage because he didn’t think it fit him. He was okay with being himself and not tied down to a woman. But when he met Felicity, he knew he wouldn’t mind being forever joined to a woman like her. She’s feisty. Smart. She’s the kind of woman who could keep in on his toes. The only problem is, she can’t stand him.

Felicity has been going out of her way to avoid Regal, but she can’t avoid him when he comes into her place of business, Wedded Bliss, Inc., ready to sign up for her marriage matchmaking service. He figured the best way to get to know the woman of his dreams is to pretend like he’s searching for someone else. All the while, he’s learning her mannerisms and hoping that she’ll eventually see that she’s really the woman he wants.

* * *
The St. Claire Series are all standalone books:
ROYAL (A St. Claire Novel, Book 1)
RAMSEY (A St. Claire Novel, Book 2)
ROMULUS (A St. Claire Novel, Book 3)
REGAL (A St. Claire Novel, Book 4)



The Color Spectrum: Ivory (The Color Spectrum Duet Book 1) by Sabrina ELB Scales

On one end of the color spectrum lies emotional turmoil with a desperate need to mend what has always been broken. On the other end sits frustration that evokes irrational solutions and a never-ending pursuit of vindication. Somewhere in the middle floats a bond between two sisters that not even the color spectrum could break apart, bringing to life two tales of strength, forgiveness, vulnerability, and love.

This is Ivory & Remy’s story. A tale of emotional turmoil with a desperate need to mend what has always been broken.



The Color Spectrum: Ebony (The Color Spectrum Duet Book 2) by Chencia C. Higgins

On one end of the color spectrum lies emotional turmoil with a desperate need to mend what has always been broken. On the other end sits frustration that evokes irrational solutions and a never-ending pursuit of vindication. Somewhere in the middle floats a bond between two sisters that not even the color spectrum could break apart, bringing to life two connected tales of strength, forgiveness, vulnerability, and love.

This is Ebony & Saleem’s story. A tale of frustration that evokes irrational solutions and a never-ending pursuit of vindication.



So Much Moore (The All That & Moore Series Book 4) by Celeste Granger

One family. Eight sisters, tangled in romance. Felicity Moore, an actuary and entrepreneur, deals with facts and numbers as the foundation of her business. Her hard work and nurturing dedication is what makes her a leader in the industry. It’s the one thing that her world revolves around on a daily basis, and because of it, there had been no time for love or no place for a relationship in Felicity’s life.
It is the sole reason why when Garrett Thompson enters her life, Felicity doesn’t take him seriously. Especially with him being a trust fund baby. He’s never had to work to earn a living. Although Garrett does dabble in philanthropic endeavors, he spends much of his time living in the lap of luxury; doing the things he wants to and nothing that he doesn’t have to. Garrett lives by choice, and any relationship he’s had in the past has been an accessory to his lifestyle not a primary focus. With Garrett living life on his own terms, what if anything do they have in common?
Despite Felicity being dismissive of him, Garrett intends to prove just how serious he can be.



Family Business VI: Servant of God by Vanessa Miller

The sixth and final book in the Family Business series brings the Shepherd family and the Walker family from the Rain series together as they struggle to do the work of the Lord in this evil and confused world they now live in.

Dam Shepherd is a full grown man, married to the love of his life, with a baby on the way. Life is good… until he tries to step into the ministry God has for him. As one obstacle after another takes Dam’s focus off of his God given assignment, he must decide whether he will do the will of man or the will of God.

Isaac Walker Jr. had a hard time dealing with the death of his parents. His father had always been such a force in his life, that he didn’t know how to move forward in ministry without him. Faced with losing his wife if he didn’t make changes, Isaac realizes that life must go on… and the ministry his father started had to continue as well.

What Dam and Isaac don’t know is that their ministry will usher in the end of times. If they fail to complete the mission God has for them then many souls will be lost. Can Dam and Isaac fight their way through and endure until the end?



‘Tis So Sweet (New Life Tabernacles Series Book 4) by LaShonda Bowman

Job, appearance, relationships––in just about every area of her life, Deandra Williams feels she’s less than average. And having two successful overachievers as siblings doesn’t help. But while lacking in most areas, she shines in the choir stand. Nobody can train or direct a church choir like she can, and all of Texas knows it.

Well, almost…

When award-winning producer David Thomas comes on as New Life Tabernacle’s new music director, he and Deandra mix about as well as oil and water. While she’s all substance, he appears to be nothing but style.

Before long, their differing approaches threaten to tear the music department apart. But in the midst of their conflict, God is at work. And by the time He’s finished, neither David or Deandra will ever be the same.



Summer of Love: A Short Story by Cassie Hart

Just out of a bad relationship, Leona Adams feels the need for a fresh start. She’s thinking a holiday, and she’s more than ready for a change of scenery but she’s definitely not looking for a man.

But when Daniel Miller walks into her life, she can’t help but enjoy the view.

Daniel is definitely a tall drink and a cool breeze and he makes Leona hot and bothered..

Or is he?

Could this be the start of a serious romance or is it just a summer of love?



Lies On Your Lips by Charae Lewis

Congratulations, you lost me.

Carti and Bristol were the epitome of chaotic love. Entangled in a disorderly love affair for years, it seemed to work well for them. Acting on impulse, Carti and Bristol do the unthinkable. Bristol knew it was the wrong choice, but she chose to live with her decision and make the best of it.

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way Carti and Bristol imagined. Mistakes made from both parties propel the couple into a space so dark, they don’t think they’ll be able to recover. Yes, they want more than anything for their relationship to work, but too much has occurred that may halt what they’re trying to force together.



Beast: Happily Ever After by Parker Kingston

With all of their troubles out of the way, it seems like a happy ending is on horizon for Aasim, Reygan, Laurent, and Adelaide. But, with nothing but happy couples surrounding him, Chaunce finds himself torn between living his life the way he always has, and giving in to his growing desire for his own happily ever after. After crossing paths with a beautiful and mysterious stranger, he finds that an opportunity for love is closer than he could have ever imagined.



Until the Wheels Fall Off by Kay Shanee

Track star, Karizma “Rizzy” Davis is ready to lose the dead weight that is her boyfriend, Marcus, and start her freshman year of college single and free. However, when Marcus doesn’t want to let go, Taylen comes along and saves her, eager for a place in her heart. But does Taylen really want to deal with all of the drama that seems to follow Rizzy?

Football star, Taylen Andrews is what every girl dreams of. Tall, dark, handsome, and smart. Being that he can pull any girl on campus, he has no desire to be tied down to just one. Until Karizma catches his eye.



The Test of Time by Angela Monay

Since the beginning of time, there have been secrets. Just imagine what would happen when one lie is told and another one is created to cover it up. It may take a lifetime to surface, but often it does not. You may try hard to bury them, a person can even weave a web of lies to cover them, but ultimately, secrets don’t stand The Test of Time.
Adrian Charles is the first born. His entire life revolves around his best friend and his own baby sister. Tired of his family’s drama, he chooses to leave the crazy nest behind and spread his eager wings. After an unseen tragedy forces his return, will the real man of the house be welcomed home with open arms or will he be turned away?
Zandra is eighteen years old and ready to take the state of Texas by storm. She is beautiful, spoiled and takes the power that women have over men for granted. Pressured into forgoing her own dreams and pursuing those of her mother’s, the number one stunner embarks on a forbidden relationship, which threatens to tear her entire family apart. In a totally new and unknown environment, the youngest of the bunch must learn to fend for herself before everything she has lived for is snatched away.



Broken Little Rich Girls by Dominique Thomas

Broken as in beaten, defeated, subdued, dispirited…

Rich as in affluent, well to do, prosperous…

So, although they’d been beaten down by life the one thing they didn’t worry about was money.

Four friends find themselves at a crossroad in life. For years they’ve hidden behind their smiles while suffering behind closed doors.

For Jerzey, her biggest issue is her taste in men. After surviving a near-death experience, she vows to stay away from the hustlers until Snowden steps into her art studio. He’s like no man she’s met before but because of past pain, she’s afraid to freely give herself to him.

Miko is known to be the life of the party. You can count on her to make you smile and give you a good laugh. However, it’s the things Miko isn’t joking about that torment her every day. At a young age, she was subjected to volatile things. Acts of hatred that shape her into a woman afraid of love. A woman that’s determined to lay every man down in her path but when she can no longer run from her pain she’s forced to face her truths. In doing so she is liable to hurt the two people who mean most to her in the world.

Rumer is driven. With determination, she pushed herself to become one of the lead real estate agents at her father’s company. She seems to have it all but the thing she lacks most is self-love. When she looks in the mirror she doesn’t see the beautiful woman that people say she is. She finds herself with a nasty addiction and to make matters worse she’s fallen for her step-brother. With her life spiraling in a direction she never saw coming Rumer is given the choice to get help or stay stagnant in the dark world she’s created for herself.

Nelly is torn between heaven and hell. Her life with her handsome fiance is everything that she ever wanted it to be. Jannero love and adores Nelly. All he wants in return is for her to love him back. Nelly does but because of her horrid childhood, she struggles to express it to him verbally. When faced with impending charges that could forever alter her life Nelly is changed into someone Jannero doesn’t know. A woman that is so angry it makes him question if marrying her is the right thing to do.

This is a two-part series filled with real women that are dealing with real pain.

Read at your own risk.



Who Do You Love by Genesis Woods

Rumor Hayes has always wanted to accomplish two things in her life; to become a respected choreographer and to make her grandmother, a world renowned dancer with the Alvin Ailey group, proud.

With a popping YouTube channel showcasing her talent, Rumor assumed that the industry would be beating down her door with offers, but gets the disappointment of her life when she realizes that being a plus size choreographer is not the industry’s standard.

When a chance encounter with music sensation BX literally falls into her lap, Rumor has the chance to do what she’s always wanted to do for a big name artist; choreograph. However things seem to take a drastic turn when BX wants to do more with her than just dance. With a best friend who has been secretly waiting in the wings for Rumor to choose him and a new love interest who is able to open up doors she’s been trying to break down for years, will Rumor follow her heart or take the easy way out? In this cute and sexy novella, Rumor Hayes will be tasked with answering the million dollar question…Who do you love?



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